Sauerkraut Mushroom Soup

Every Christmas Eve, my husband’s family would serve a traditional meal which included a beef broth soup with mushrooms and sauerkraut. I never did receive the recipe. Does anyone have a recipe for this?

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  1. This sounds like Kapustnica. My sister in law just makes it with smoked sausages, drained sauerkraut, rehydrated mushrooms and water, with salt, pepper, and paprika. I usually add in potatoes and onions too. Some people add in prunes as well. I’ve never heard of it with beef broth, but it’s always possible.

  2. Linda Greene says:


    3 lbs. pork spareribs or country style ribs, separated
    1 (20 oz.) can sauerkraut
    4 med. onions, chopped
    3 tbsp. shortening
    3 tbsp. flour
    1 lb. mushrooms, chopped
    1 bay leaf
    1 tsp. salt
    1/2 tsp. caraway seed
    Pepper to taste

    In large saucepot, in water to cover, bring to boil ribs and sauerkraut. Reduce heat; cover; simmer about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours until meat is tender. Remove ribs. Save for another day. Remove all but 4 cups cooking liquid and 1 cup sauerkraut from saucepot; set aside.

    In heavy skillet saute onions in shortening until golden. With slotted spoon remove onions and set aside. Sprinkle flour over pan drippings. Cook and stir, scraping browned bits from pan until flour is lightly browned. Gradually stir in 1 cup cold water until smooth. Stir sauce, onions, mushrooms, bay leaf, salt, caraway seed and pepper into reserved liquid and sauerkraut. Bring to boil; reduce heat; simmer 1 hour. Discard bay leaf.

    NOTE: Reserved meat and sauerkraut can be prepared as follows: brush ribs with barbecue sauce; broil. Serve with remaining sauerkraut.

  3. Sauerkraut Mushroom Soup
    1 C dried mushrooms 2 Table. oil
    1 C sauerkraut juice 1 qt. water
    1 small chopped onion salt & pepper
    1 Table. flour 1 potato, cubed
    Chop dried mushrooms; soak in cold water overnight. Add water, sauerkraut juice and onion to pot; simmer for 2 hours. Add potato. Brown flour in oil in skillet. Stir constantly or flour will burn. Add a cup of soup and mix constantly to make a thin gravy. Add to soup. Simmer for 15″ more to heat through, stirring. Add seasoning to taste.
    This doesn’t have beef in it–but you can alter recipe; also you can add the sauerkraut. There are several versions of this. Check Slovak or Slav type cookbooks.

    • this sounds like the soup we used tohave too,but it had barley in it instead of potato. Not sure of the spelling but it was called kasadi(?) soup

      • Marie Markey says:

        I just made it this morning to freeze for Christmas Eve and I also use the Barley, people in Poland were very poor, and they could dry the mushrooms and make the sourcraute so it was served for Christmas Eve, They never put beef or meat in the soup because they believed No Meat the day before Christmas, kind of like lent!

  4. Maxine Cenker says:

    I make mine about the same way Doris makes hers. Sometimes I add about 1 C crused tomatoes to mine. We make it on Christmas eve, too, but no beef because it is a fast day so no meat is alowed.

  5. I make mine similar to Doris as well. I add the sauerkraut not just the juice and I used canned mushrooms instead of dried. No meat!

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