Pantry Space In Odd Places

Just a thought for the reader who has little pantry storage. My grandpa built narrow shelves for canned goods on the wall going down to their cellar above and below the handrail. I’ve seen NYC apartment dwellers put up shelves over doorways or around the perimeter of a room for storage. Then there’s the old faithful underbed thing on wheels intended for shoes, that can be used as a “pantry”. A couple years ago I remember a website or article dedicated to unusual space use, perhaps a search online would pull something up. I believe the guy had drawings of his ideas. Narrow shelving might be a good use for free pallet wood.

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  1. DGilbee says

    Another overlooked place for narrow item, narrow shelves behind the door, any door. My Dad built 2 of these in the house I grew up in. One was behind the door (in the kitchen)headed to the basement and the other was behind the main bathroom door, which he added doors to. He built ours just big enough so that the door knob passes right by. You never notice these shelves.

  2. Cricket says

    I have crannies all over the place here in my trailer. A few storage bins and some “dead space” I have found a place for can goods bird and cat food while I was at it all under a space with one counter I have. Pluss a few storage shelves did not hurt me niether they look like they have always been there also. Find the “dead spots” and work with them is my moto in small spaces.

  3. Deb says

    When I designed my kitchen I had the carpenter cut out the drywall from over the wall studs. Then I used various canned goods to measure the height of the shelves he put in the 4″ depth. After it was painted he used scrap wood and made doors to fit the space. This 4″ stud space will hold both pint and quart jars and all canned goods from the market as well as various other items. This idea worked so well that I used it in my bathroom to hold spare rolls of tissue and other items that I buy in bulk — soap, shampoo, etc. Always look for inside walls for this as you do not want to lose insulation on the outside walls.

  4. paul says

    Wow, sounds like a great idea. can you share a picture or two so we can exactly underand what you did. thanks so much

  5. Lynne says

    We recently moved into an older country house with some closets, but very little cupboard space in the small kitchen. I love a pantry – you can make so much “disappear” there, lol – so I repurposed an unused hall closet (built under the front stairs) into a pantry! We simply furnished it with an open bookcase that fit the space, hooks along the underneath of the steps, and a battery-operated light. The bookcase provides storage for canned goods, preserves, boxed items, etc., with potatoes & dog food on the floor in front; bags of onions, graters, sifters etc. are hung on hooks, drink bottles tucked inside along the front wall; and unwieldy or seldom-used items like the deep fryer and bread machine are tucked under the stairs where they are out of the way but still accessible. Oh yes – there’s a spice rack on thumbtacks just inside the door as well. I don’t know what I’d do without this handy space!:)

  6. dawn wagaman says

    another great idea (i got from my sis-in-law) is to use one of those plastic shoe holders for that hang on a door. i have one hanging on the back of my basement door that’s in my kitchen. i use it for boxes of jello/pudding, packets of mixes (gravy, taco seasoning, dry soup mix, ect), tubes of icing, bags of choc. chips…….any little things like that, that will free space up for me. it’s so nice to have. i have one in our coat closet for shoes too of coarse, but i also use that one to organize/separate my kids’ hats and gloves. works great!

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