Oven Canning Method

I have always canned every year using the old fashioned way of using the hot bath canning method. This year I read of a new way of canning. I fill my clean jars with whatever I am canning and put them all in my oven. Turn the oven on to 250 degrees. When the oven is preheated I turn the oven off. I let the jars sit in the oven for at least 1 hour. When I take the jars out of the hot oven they all seal so easily. Or I can leave them sit in the oven until it cools. I can so much faster using this method. It is wonderful. But now I am reading so much on the internet saying this is not a good way to can and it is not safe. I have never had any problems canning this way and enjoy is so much. Are there any other readers out there that have heard of any problems using this method? I plan to continue using this method.



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Anita - September 23, 2015

I’ve so enjoyed reading all the comments. Weighting in…I was raised doing all the methods. It just depended on what was being put up as to what Mother would use. But my favorite was the oven canning. I have 7 bushel of tomatoes that I am working on now and they will all be oven canned. My Mother would cold pack them, shake them down etc., seal, put into the lukewarm oven, oven to 275 degrees until they start to lightly boil, then turn down to 250 for 45-60 min., oven off, wait for about 15 min., crack the door a tiny bit, pinging, when cool enough w/ no drafts, take them out onto a dry towel. It was interesting to read all the variations in the oven canning method. And they all work for each person! Amazing!

But I don’t know if you’ve ever done this kind of water bath canning…we canned in 55 gallon drums! I would have crews doing tomatoes, apple sauce, peaches or whatever and packing them into 2 quart jars. Or quarts. Then we’d layer the, lets say tomatoes, into the drum with cardboard in-between each layer (and on bottom) until the drum was nearly full to the top w/ jars. Cardboard on top. We’d take a garden hose and fill the drum with water, build a fire (you have to monitor the fire) under the drum (was up on blocks) and can away! It was such fun. We’d can hundreds and hundreds of jars that way. And of course I’d also have the ovens in the house going to take up the slack.

Everyone has their own reasons for doing the method they do, I think based on what they are familiar/raised with or are open to. For those of us that have used the time tested method of oven canning…we’re comfortable using it. No one ever became ill, actually we all thrived! And Mom always gave away a lot of canned food as gifts. But I can understand those that trust the FDA method. It’s all in what/who you trust and what you were raised with I think. But as for me and my house, we will trust the oven canning. :) Btw, my wonderful jewel of a Mom lived to 94. She was smart and funny, a great cook, an organic gardener and could stretch a dollar beyond its worth. She was the coolest person I’ve ever known. Enjoy your harvest!

lisa - September 25, 2015

I have rice to but up how would I do this in the oven

laverne - October 1, 2015

can u can baked cookies in a jar in the oven i do crackers why not cookies

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