Oatmeal Kiddy Bath

  • 1 cup plain oatmeal
  • bath water

Put oatmeal in food processor and grind until oatmeal turns into a fine powder texture.

To use simply sprinkle into the running bath water and swish vigorously to mix well.  This powder will dissolve fairly well in the bath water and leaves baby’s skin silky smooth and soothed.

Use to relieve diaper rash, heat rash, or any irritation. Also good for older children and adults to relieve poison ivy, chicken pox, or even simple dry skin.

p.s. After you’ve tried this homemade recipe, be sure to stop back and comment about how it worked for you, as well as any tweaks you would suggest to make the recipe better. I always appreciate your opinion!

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  1. Jenifer says

    I have made this for my son who has eczema. I also added lavender and roman chamomile essential oils. It is delightful and does leave his skin super soft and the eczema spots aren’t as bad afterwards.

  2. michelle says

    I use the left over infant oatmeal that I have from when my daughter was a baby she’s 2 now and I still have sealed boxes in the cabinet. That way I skip the step of blending, it dissolves faster than regular oatmeal, it’s not going to waste since it is expired and can’t be eaten and my daughter loves to take her oatmeal bath. Just be sure to rinse out the bathtub after or you will get a nasty hard to clean “ring”.

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