Way To Rid Closets Of Moisture

I hate buying chemicals such as Damp Rid to put in our closets to get rid of the moisture. Is there a better alternative?

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Hope - March 10, 2010

Hi Marcia!

I would try a box of Baking Soda in there. I remember dealing with that issue when I lived in Houston, TX. Such a pain. A dehumudifier can help with the job as well. Try letting air circulate real well in the house, leaving the closet door open during the day.

Good Luck!!!

Rebekah - March 10, 2010

You will have to replace it often, but rice will absorb moisture in the air, and activated charcoal will absorb the smell. I think I mixed borax in with mine, but can’t remember why now unless it was to poison any bugs that might be tempted to eat the rice? If you would like to add fragrance to it, a few drops of essential oils would work too. LOL I guess what I’m saying is get a shallow bowl, put some dry rice, activated charcoal, and borax in it and mix well.

Kathi - March 10, 2010

I’ve never had this problem, so I don’t know if this would work but; try kitty litter?

Shiloh - March 10, 2010

I live on the California coast -northern ca. And we get lots of fog and rain. We had a serious mildew problem throughout the house, but after following these rules-mildew is gone.
1. clean out the closet-remove everything
2. clean walls -spray 1st with hydrogen peroxide then spray with vinegar.
3. If the mildew is really in there-use baking soda to scrub them out.
4. leave a bowl of baking soda in the closet -on the floor or on a shelf- it sucks up moisture and odors.
5. Leave the closet door open to let air circulate-think about installing a door with a vent or remove door and hang curtain (all of this to allow air to flow.
6. Open windows during the day to cross ventilate-close at night
7.Never hand wet clothes or put wet muddy shoes in the closet.
8. check pockets for wet items (my kids are notorious for leaving food and wet items in pockets)
9.Check out the whole house- chances are if you have mildew and mold in your closets it is also living in other places/rooms.
10. Keep furniture away from windows-windows can allow rain to leak into the walls -and mildew will form and grow on the walls and sometimes on your furniture, because the furniture is creating a dark/warm place for it to grow.

BOTTOM LINE-Keep Your Home Mildew Free By Letting Air and Light Flow Throughout Your Home During the Day. Hope this Helps!

Breta - March 10, 2010

Marcia I had the same problem clothes and bedding and even my furtinure would smell muskey. I finaly broke down and bought small dehumidifer. BOY WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! The air is fresher, dampness is gone. I do empty it out once a week amazed at how it pull out 16 pints of water. Most home improvement stores carry them. Worth the cost.

suzy - March 10, 2010

well in the tropics that problem is there all the time.
you need to make a cage out of metal or a metal basket and then wire in or with an extention cord put a light bulb in.. not those economy lights but the good old lightbulbs 50-100W. they put out just enough heat to keep the humidity out. just make sure the light doesn’t touch anything and the cords are good. (we don’t a fire). this is expecially useful for cabnets where there is electrical stuff that molds. of course if you don’t want all that problem, get a space heater that doesn’t have too many elements (hot elements and clothes are not friends) and just set it at the door of the closet and let it blow hot air in there. it will dry it right out. make sure there arn’t any clothing touching it to burn.

gayle - March 10, 2010

I think baking soda would help, be careful using electrical appliances in cupboards etc.

virginia - March 10, 2010

We have used a night light left on all the time to combat dampness and mildew in closets

Terry - March 17, 2010

Cat Litter. My sister recommended it for our basement. I was completely amazed at the difference it made. I was amazed at how the moisture and smell dissipated. I just opened the bag up and stirred it over about once a week. Saved me a bundle because I’ve only bought the two small bags for both sides of the room, and it’s been a year. No repeated boxes of baking soda to buy, and I was able to put away the idea of purchasing a dehumidifier.

Deidra @ ::Frugalistic:: - March 17, 2010

I just read on a website that ordinary white chalk takes away moisture. Just bundle up 5 or 6 sticks and tie with ribbon or twine and hang it in the closet. I haven’t tried it myself but, I thought I’d offer up that tip anyway. Good luck!

nicole - March 24, 2010

i save the little silica gel packets from when i buy shoes and other household items. to re dry them out, place on baking sheet at 350 and let cool. then ill put them in a really fine mesh bag (like that limes or tomatoes come in) and let it do its thing.

Tracey - August 21, 2013

I think the easiest way to get rid of moisture, and I mean a lot of it, without a lot of expense is to go to DOLLAR TREE and get several of the “moisture traps” and set them where you need them. It takes them about a day to get going well, but you would not believe the water they have pulled out of the air here at my home. I live in VA and with all the rain lately, we really have a dampness problem right now.. I bought 3 and problem was solved for 3.00.

    Ms RP - September 15, 2015

    You are so right! I all of a sudden noticed dampness in my closet didn’t know what to do about it went to Dollar Tree purchased one of the moisture traps and they really worked. thanks for your help. Im heading to Dollar Tree today to get more !!!!

shudi - January 10, 2015

Wow the ideas on getting rid of dampness were extremely helpful. A big thank you all the way from South Africa

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