Recipe For Homemade Baby Wipes

I am looking for a recipe or procedure fo r making homemade baby wipes.
Thank you.

Kathy - December 24, 2010

Dear Kim,
I have found that the best is just to invest in a couple or three dozen cheap (thinner is better) well washed washcloths and saturate them with a solution of 1 to 1-1/2 tablespoons of baby shampoo per quart of warm water. You can fold the washcloths to fit your wet-wipey box or roll them to store in a zippy bag to take with you. It is nice to pop them in the microwave for a few seconds to warm them up. I keep the solution made up in a spray bottle, I got the recipe here from another reader; she uses it for an awesome low cost all purpose/glass cleaner, but I’ve found there is nothing better for a quick no-rinse clean up of all things grimey. This solution works to refill one of those foamy pump dispensers too. If you really want tobe really frugal, take a pair of pinking shears to an old towel or flannel sheet, then you can have completely custom wipes. You could also zig-zag the edges if you sew. You can store the used wipes in a bucket with vinegar or mild bleach solution until you are ready to do laundry.

Dawn Gray - December 29, 2010

Baby Bootie Wipes
Cut a roll of plain white paper towels in half (I use the select a size kind). My husband cuts these for me with a saw. I just cut up a whole thing of them and keep in the cabinet to make as I need them.
Pull out the cardboard core and put a half roll in a 10-cup rubbermaid tub with the cut end down. Pull the middle paper towel up just a bit to get a start.

Heat 2 cups of water in microwave for 2 min. Stir in 2 Tablespoons of baby wash and 2 Tablespoons of baby lotion. Stir with whisk. Pour the mixture over the paper towels. Rest the lid over the tub, but don’t seal until completely cool or lid will pop off.

Donna - December 29, 2010

I used the same recipe as Kathy but I cut a roll of paper towels in half and used an old wipe container. I used the cloth-like paper towels. Worked well.

tana - December 29, 2010

you can also use that soltion of baby wash and water with paper towels and if you need a bit of moisturiser add a few drops of baby oil.

Amanda - December 29, 2010

Kim, I also used a similar solution to what Kim described above with one exception I used paper towels. I poured enough solution over the paper towels to make them damp .

I know it’s not a eco friendly but when it came so some really messes messes it was nice to toss them and not worry about how to clean the towel afterward. I stored them in a wipe container that I was able to use over and over.

Ellie - December 29, 2010

I used to use basically the same recipe (1 T baby shampoo per quart of water – you can add some baby oil too), generally with washcloths. I second the super cheap washcloths, I got a bunch at the dollar store, and I would generally consider them useless for most things, but they are great for cleaning bottoms, faces, the mess the kids leave in the bathroom sink – my kids are long out of dipes and I still have a tub of them in the bathroom! The friend who gave it to me would cut a roll of paper towels in half (use a saw!), pull out the cardboard core, and pour the solution over the top. She gave me a Tupperware bread box to use for this, I have no idea if they still make it, it was designed to hold bread machine bread, so it is a big square. I still have the container…

Liz - December 29, 2010

Basically, we use the same recipe, except we add about a Tablespoon of baby oil, smells good, and protects the skin.
We would buy a heavy duty roll of paper towels, cut in half (find a rubbermaid container that it would fit in) and that made disposable wipes for on the road.
Never had a reason to put the “solution” in a separate spray container, never had a problem with mold or anything, with the paper towels.

Alicia - December 30, 2010,1449.msg1102.html#msg1102 has a lot of info like that. Check it out!

Sandy - December 30, 2010

Saw a roll of heavy paper towels in half with a serated knife.

In a large round ountainer with lid, mix
•2 TBSP Baby Wash
•2 TBSP Olive Oil
•2 Cups warm water

Put lid on the container and shake to combine. (Rubbermaid makes a large round container that is the perfect size.) Next, add the 1/2 roll of paper towels, put the lid back on, and turn the container upside-down. Allow to soak for awhile. When cardboard roll in center becomes soft you can pull it out and then pull your wipes from the center.

Lucy Savoie Lawicki - December 30, 2010

I have 33 year old twins, and made my own wipes years ago. I used the thin receiving blankets. I cut them into small squares, and squirted them with baby oil. I made them up ahead of time, squirting each one, layering them. They stayed moist, and separated easily. I would keep them in a Tupperware container. They washed up easily, cleaned up the messiest of bottoms better than the wet wipes today, and left baby oil to protect.

Becky - January 1, 2011

Use Viva paper towels, cut in half w/ a serrated knife. Other brands will not stay together to get the sticky mess off. Trust me.

Stephanie - January 5, 2011

I use 8 inch flannel squares, (2 layers serged together – can use extra receiving blankets) and an old wipes container. The container holds 10 squares perfectly – enough for a day’s worth of diapers. My recipe is a squirt of baby oil, 2-3 drops of tea tree oil (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal)and a squirt of baby wash to 8 oz of water. Pour over the wipes and let sit for a few minutes to saturate. The oil really does help the wipe glide over the baby’s delicate skin.

Cherrill - January 7, 2011

An electric knife will cut the paper towels really good.

Pat - January 8, 2011

Pediatrician 28 years ago told us babies washed up perfectly fine with plain water – so we traveled around with water in squirt bottles and kept one always on the changing table. A squirt, wipe with soft tissue, repeat if necessary. The incredibly absorbent diapers of today soak it all up.

Susan - February 21, 2011

I made my own baby wipes for our girls. I bought a roll of regular-sized paper towels with no print on them. I seperated the towels and cut the towels in half. (This is something I used to do while watching TV after the kids were in bed). Next fold each half towel into thirds and place in a baby wipe container. All the towels should fit into the container- you will have a nice stack – stuff them right in. Next add water to the corner of the container about a third full or so. Add one or two tablespoons of baby bath or baby shampoo to the corner of the container and stir into the water. Next put on the cover of the wipe container and turn upside down for a little while. The water/bath solution will be absorbed in the towels. You may need a little more water if they are too dry or use less next time if they are too moist. You will have nice wipes that are like the ones you buy only made for a lot less!
I was able to save a lot of money by making my own wipes. I hope you will give these a try!

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