How To Freeze Blueberries

Blueberries One of the members of the Hillbilly Housewife Club mentioned on the forum in the club that she was given a huge box of blueberries…much more than she and her family would be able to eat at one time. She was asking about how to freeze those blueberries.

Since my in-laws have several huge blueberry bushes in their yard, we’ve had the same problem almost every year. And it is a good problem to have. The easiest way to preserve all those juicy berries is indeed to freeze them and it is very simple.

Start by sorting your blueberries. Discard any berries that have gone bad and put any overripe ones in a separate bowl to be eaten right away. Wash the remaining blueberries and then gently pat them dry. I use paper towels for this since the juice from the berries will stain any cloth permanently.

Pour the berries on a baking sheet and stick them in the freezer. After about an hour or so, they should be pretty frozen and you can pour them into a freezer bag. Be sure to label the bag with the name of the fruit and a date so you know how old your berries are down the road.

Patting the berries dry and freezing them on a cookie sheet first keeps them from clumping and freezing together. This will make using them throughout the year much easier.

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Freezer Cooking Made Simple

Now that you have a few bags of yummy frozen blueberries, what do you do with them? You can thaw them in the fridge overnight and use in any of your favorite blueberry recipes. You can also add the frozen blueberries to your favorite muffin, pancake and waffle recipe. By the time they are done baking, the blueberries will be completely thawed.

My personal favorite is to use them in yogurt smoothies. Just add a handful of the frozen berries to your blender along with some yogurt and a splash of milk. You can also add some other fruit along with the blueberries. Try half a banana in there, some other berries or even some frozen sliced peaches or frozen mango…yum!

What’s your favorite blueberry recipe? Share your favorites as a comment below.

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  1. says

    Eat em plain!
    Here in Northern California, it gets scorching hot, and frozen blueberries are an excellent way to beat the heat!

  2. Maureen says

    I separate the Blueberries (good & bad berries) but, I never wash them
    before freezing because, they get soft & mushie when you thaw them out.

    Grapes are great frozen – especially on a really hot day.

  3. Debbie says

    Having over 100 plus plants, I freeze tons, give away tons and eat blueberries every day of the year. Freezing is the best but….I will take blueberries and let the juice run with a little amount of sugar (not much) and a dab of water then can them. They are quite good on ice cream, pancakes and waffles, cheesecake…well the list gones on. It is healthier than syrup (lot less sugar) and the easiest thing to pull out of your pantry when you want a quick dessert.

    • Janice says

      I do the same, but when I want this for over pancakes or waffles, we heat it up and stir in some cornstarch or arrowroot powder to thicken it a little.

  4. Karen B. says

    Agree with Maureen we don’t wash either our blueberries and/or strawberries when we freeze them. We just seperate the really dirty ones to wash and eat then. Freezing’s a great way to enjoy the fruits of summer in the rest of the year — we never freeze enough!

  5. Janice says

    This is an awesome way to use blueberries!My family cheers everytime I make this coffeecake. I need to make a double batch in a 9×13 and add to the cooking time, because they eat it all! Check my note-works great with whole wheat,too.

    I never searched the whole site before today. He must have a zillion recipes, and since they are mostly grains and eggs, I would guess there are a lot that are frugal, as well. Oh, lots of smoothie recipes… :-)

    We go to our local farm and pick between 7-10 gallons of blueberries each year. I do make a couple of batches of “syrup” like the person above, but mostly I freeze them. I dump mine into a clean sink filled with water to seperate out twigs, etc. They then drain in a collander, and are almost dry. They are than poured onto a cookie sheet/ plate/ whatever will still fit in the freezer :-) I also freeze strawberrries and peaches, and in the fall apples with sugar and spices. I’m in N Alalbama, apricots aren’t cheaply available :-(

  6. Debbie says

    I am going to try the coffee cake tomorrow. Sounds yummy. We will be making smoothies almost nightly starting this weekend. My middle row is about ready to go, I have over 100 thriving plants and about 65 are Ozarks Blue which is the best blueberry I’ve had. They need another good week to start the riping. My middle row is blue crop.

  7. Rhonda says

    I unfortunately don’t have the blueberry ‘problem’ but however spoke with someone who had an over-abundance of red and dark cherries. Hubby picked all day on a Saturday and I’ve been busy making cherry pie filling and freezing it. On top of that, my peas were ready for freezing and canning also. I’ve been really, really busy. Going to take a break before my peppers and beans are ready. whew..

  8. Shirley says

    JUST WASH THE BLUEBERRIES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OUT OF THE FREEZER! Blueberries freeze great when you do not wash them prior to freezing. Just put all the good ones in a ziploc bag and lay flat in the freezer. Then, take out what you need and wash them beofre using in recipes or eating!

  9. Rose Plummer says

    I never wash my blueberries before freezing. I just separate any bad ones and toss the rest in a big ziploc bag and toss in the freezer. Mine never stick together. I love blueberries!

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