Homemade Pro-Activ Acne Kit

I came across this purely by accident! I mix a tiny bit of each of these (dime size or less) in my hand and apply before my makeup. I have found that I don't have to use foundation now, just powder. Advise using extra sunscreen if you are going in the sun as the benzoyl peroxide will make you more sensitive.

Acne moisturizer with salicylic acid (I used Clean & Clear)

5 or 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Cream(Zapzyt or Dr Sheffields from Dollar Store)

Salicylic Acid Acne Cream (found at Dollar Tree labeled as Acne Cream in gray & orange box)

Regular Moisturizer with Vit E and AHA acids or similar or your choice (I used Walmart Equate)

Basically you can even mix your foundation with this and apply. Let dry completely. I wash my face at night, use toner then this. I also use it in the daytime after washing with toner again. But sometimes not, still works! Same ingredients as Pro-Activ and way cheaper, salicylic acid clears dead skin and pores making way for benzoyl to work effectively.

I hope this helps others! Love your page, Suzanne!

Lydia Bell - July 15, 2011

Thank you! ive thought about ordering proactiv but i just dont have the money so this is a great alternative!

Sandy - July 18, 2011

“Regular Moisturizer with Vit E and AHA acids or similar or your choice (I used Walmart Equate)” – I couldn’t find this…can you describe the package? Is it in with the other facial moisturizers?

Jackie - July 25, 2011

I buy acne stuff for my daughter and it is $$$. I am going to try this now. Thanks for posting this.


Amanda - July 26, 2011

Thank you so much for the post!

Just wondering if you have tried mixing them all together like in a container of some kind. When you mix them in your hand do you mix all the same amounts? ie. dime size blob of Clean and Clear moisturizer + dime size blob of Benzoyl Peroxide Cream + dime size blob of Salicylic Acid Acne Cream + dime size blob of Regular Moisturizer with Vit E and AHA acids or similar or your choice?

    Lara - July 28, 2011

    I think from previous experience it is better to not mix together in a container just to preserve the integrity of the products. What if one product separated or was getting ready to expire? Then you have wasted the rest of products that could still be used. Let us know if you decide to do this and results, please! Thanks! Lara

Ginger - July 27, 2011

Salicylic acid can cause Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension . My 22 year old daughter has this condition and has been doing alot of research on it. She noticed that her 16 year old brother was using an acne preparation with the Salicylic acid in it and mentioned seeing research done about it and tetracycline ( both used for acne) being culprits of this condition. Though there are other reasons one get this condition.
Also she is involved with an on-line support group and a 24 year old women has had the condition since she was 16 because of her acne meds, including the Salicylic acid and the tetracycline.
Acne is hard to have , but alot safer than chronic headaches and vision changes or loss.
Concerned and letting y’all know the dangers.

    terri - January 7, 2013

    Thank you so much for putting this up, my 13 year old has iih, and just again started having symptoms, not even thinking it was the acne stuff she has been using, i was so stressed out about it, now i know the culprit,, thanks a bunch : )

Lisa - January 18, 2012

Isn’t Salicytic acid “aspirin”?

    geekbearinggifts - January 18, 2012

    Aspirin is Acetylsalicylic Acid.

Alexandra - March 25, 2012

A bit more expensive, but I got a knock-off Pro-Active brand, three pack set, at our local Rite Aid for $20.00. It works well on my teenage son. It’s in an orange box.

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