Homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution

Looking for a way to make homemade carpet cleaner to spot clean and that could be used in my steam cleaner. Anyone that could help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. Cheryl says

    We buy the big bottles of Awesome cleaner at the dollar store. It works great as a spot remover and we also use it in the carpet cleaner using the proportions shown on the bottle.

  2. Heather says

    I used a mixture of hot water and white vinegar. My house smelled like a pickle until it dried, and then nobody noticed. It obviously worked as the dirty water was just as dirty as when I used store bought solution.

  3. Janice Hartshorn says

    I received the following from another group that I belong to and have used this solution and am very happy with the results….

    The solution I use in my steam cleaner is: 1/2 cup Borax or Clorax 2, 1/2 cup white vinegar,
    1/4 cup soda, 2 TBS ammonia, 2 tps. dishsoap to 1 gal. hot water. (Mix all the ingredients in a small amount of the water until they are all dissolved. The mixture will foam quite alot because of the vinegar and soda….but it will stop as you stir to dissolve). I received this recipe from a cousin that worked in a Vets office. I have used it for 20+ yrs.

    • Matthew says

      Ammonia and bleach? Am I missing something? Maybe the concentration isn’t enough to cause a problem, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

      • The Hillbilly Housewife says

        I agree, Matthew. Mixing ammonia and bleach is not recommended. Thanks for catching that. Use one or the other.

        • lisa says

          Guys, Chlorox 2 is non-chlorine bleach. Regular chlorine bleach IS toxic when mixed with ammonia (creates mustard gas!!), so you are on the right track. Color safe, non-chlorine bleach is a form of hydrogen peroxide. But I did get some great ideas for carpet cleaning from you all-Thanks!!!

    • Molly says

      I don’t usually comment, but I used this recipe last night and it was nothing short of a miracle. The previous owner of the home I purchased last March had little dogs who liked to use the bathroom on the carpets. I steam cleaned them before we moved in, but the spots came back. I used expensive spot remover from the store, but the spots came back Last night I saturated each spot with this solution and soaked out the dirt with a towel, no scrubbing neededl I’m probably going to have to do another treatment or two to get it out of the pad, but the carpets look TONS better already. It’s like a magic eraser.

    • Randa Slater says

      Little did Janice know her little post 4 years ago would still receiving comments. :) (Pretty high on Google search, too.)

      I have 3 senior dogs that due to mental decline and medications have increased urinary frequency and inability to get outside quick enough. Love my babies; hate my carpets!! I have tried 15+ different commercial and homemade solutions. Some worked better than others, some didn’t do anything but make the carpet wet; some smelt great, some made me sick; none were the answer. Professional cleaning is way too expensive for the short lived results, and short of the dogs moving out, (NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!) nothing is gonna fix it long term.

      Janice, my hero, has posted quite possibly the best solution, ever! *So far* it has worked miracles on the potty accidents, and the rest of the carpet, too. I’m going to do a bigger section this weekend to verify my results, but my family has all noticed that the areas I’ve done already are noticeably brighter/cleaner.

      I mixed it in the carpet cleaner clean solution container, which I believe is 1/2 gal total, so my water ratio is lower. Otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly. I’m curious to see how it works as a spot cleaner in spray bottle, that’s next. The biggest fear among pet owners/ammonia is the smell encouraging more urination. Speaking for only dogs, they haven’t resoiled the areas I’ve already cleaned. That could mean they haven’t been in that room when the urge hits or it could mean Janice and her cousin should be billionaires after marketing this solution.

      Off to clean carpets… Will let ya know any new results.

    • Ivy Stone says

      Amazing! One tank of this recipe out-cleaned Resolve pet formula BIG TIME and cost only pennies per gallon by comparison!

  4. Eva says

    I just disolve some baking soda in some warm water and use that…Sometimes I use fabric softener in the water to soften and freshen the carpet fibers.

    • says

      with the fabric softener, do u feel any residue? I know if there is any residue left it will attract dirt, but I love the idea of soft, super scented carpets! ( Gain or Suavital yellow bottle are my favs)

  5. says

    I use Dawn dishwashing liquid to spot clean & as the solution. You will need an extra bottle of the suds reducing liquid if you use a rental cleaner. I use 1/4 cup to a full tank of hot water. It works really well. I had a lady that worked for a professional cleaning company tell me that was what they used. Works Great & is cheap.

  6. Terri says

    Spot cleaning – heat plain (cheap) white vinegar in a glass measuring cup in the microwave for a minute. Pour it on the spot and wipe with a rag. It kills the germs and removes most stains. The first time I tried it, it even took a year-old Kool-Aid stain from our carpet. For fresh liquid stains like soda or juice, pour salt on there and the salt will soak up the liquid and the color. After it’s dry, vacuum. Salt works on blood in the laundry as well.

  7. deanna says

    I use a Little Green Clean Machine.

    A little Simple Green cleaner mixed with water works on dirty carpets. White vinegar and a little OxyClean in water works great on a sofa.

    • Betty819 says

      How much Simple Green cleaner do you mix with the water. Does the water need to be hot water or just regular tap water? I have a Bissel QuickSteamer rug cleaning machine. Is Simple Green safe in that? Do you have to rinse with clean water afterwards. I don’t want to wet the carpet a lot so it takes a long time to dry. Have to keep DH off so he doesn’t fall. Can I hook up a fan to help dry the carpet faster?

  8. Donna Parlow says

    If you have a cat, using ammonia is not a good idea as they will confuse the carpet with their litter box and go where ever the want too. I know this to be true as I have experience with this. Vinegar works well in place of the ammonia.

  9. Callie says

    These are some great ideas guys. My machine goes through cleaning solution so quick and there are some spots that just don’t want to come up and I have a really good machine my cousin bought me. But I have even finished the house and have been through 4 bottles of solution and everyone is refusing to buy me anymore, but now maybe I can finish I think I have most of this stuff around the house or combine some of the ideas. :) thanks for all your help ya’ll are a life saver.

  10. Amanda Edmonds says

    I use 1/2 Cup Borax, 1/2 cup Apple cider vinegar and top off with hot water to make a gallon. Apple cider neutralizes the sent for tinkle spots.

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