Help – Need To Make Cornmeal From Scratch

I have a gluten allergy. I am presently in a country for a month that has corn everywhere but I can’t buy cornmeal anywhere…and I only brought one bag of cornmeal. I need to make it from scratch…does anyone know how to do that? Every single web site has recipes saying use a measurement of cornmeal…but I can’t get any here. Can you send me a recipe to make my own…

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  1. Mike in Madison says

    The basic method is to dry and grind the corn kernels. I haven’t done this myself, as I aborted the experiment when I found a seller of local, organic corn meal.

    • Lorriedel says

      Could you get someone in your family or a friend to mail you some corn meal? It must be difficult to be away from familiar food supplies. I always am upset when I move to a new place and have trouble finding Clementines and Comice Pears for sale or salsa. It is better to grind the dried corn in an actual grain grinder. Click on this llink to a search for a corn grinder on

      If you can’t have a grinder shipped to you or find one where you are, you might try grinding the corn with a food processor. A food processor will take a long time to grind grains. We couldn’t get that method to work effectively and bought this mill from Lehman’s:

      It grinds any type of grain, nuts or seeds. We love it! It was very expensive for us, but it will pay for itself in the long run.

      Good Luck!

      editor’s note: both links were missing, I inserted a link for Amazon bit didn’t find anything for Lehman’s. sorry.

  2. Claudette says

    I was fortunate enough to find someone who grows corn. Let it dry, then grind it. I did it with sweet corn – talk about a treat!!!

  3. Kathy says

    Find a homeschooler who grinds her own wheat and get her to grind you some popcorn. Best cornmeal ever! I like to use organic corn since all other corn is GMO which might also help your allergies.

    • geekbearinggifts says

      Unfortunately, grinding corn in a mill which has previously been used to grind wheat may contaminate the corn. Depending on the mill you, may be able to “clean” the mill by processing other gluten-free grains between the wheat and corn.

  4. Laura says

    My mom and son both are celiacs and I use a coffee bean grinder to make my cornmeal! Works great and is way better then store bought. Don’t know if you have access to one but you can probably use a food processor as well. Hope this helps!

  5. Deborah says

    At Costco they have a blender that the lady put unpopped pop corn into and the turned on the blender to make the corn into cornmeal. You need a high power blender though, otherwise you will hurt the blender. Good luck.

  6. lynn says

    Grind popping Corn. It makes the BEST and sweetest tasting corn meal. And you can make it as fine or as course as you want with a Grinder with these various options. However, like a previous commenter said…..make sure it is a CLEAN grinder that has not had wheat ground in it before.

  7. Laura Peterson says

    Sometimes when grinding corn you need to run it through the grinder on a very coarse setting first , then regrind it at a finer setting .
    Keep doing this until it is as fine as you wish .The reason you need to do this is that corn can be very hard and needs to be cracked first then ground fine , otherwise it can hurt the grinder .
    I ground some blue Indian corn this way and made some interesting corn meal.

  8. Tom says

    I’ve been told you can go to a feed store and buy clean cracked corn and it will work. Heres how to make Mexican Corn Bread in a dutch oven. 450 degrees 40-50 minutes. 3 eggs 2 1/2 cups milk 3 cups cornmeal 4 slices bacon cooked crip and crumbled (save the greese) 1/4 cup grated cheddar cheese 17-ounce can whole corn 1 large onion, choppped 1/4 cup peanuts, chopped 1/2 cup chopped green peppers 1. Mix the eggs, milk, cornmeal, crumbled bacon and half the bacon grease. 2. Add the grated cheese, corn, onion, peanuts and green peppers and mix well. 3. pour the remaining half of the bacon grease into the dutch oven, add the mixture and bake until golden brown. This goes good with pinto beans, sausage links or patties, rice, carrots.

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