Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

I would like to be able to make my own hazelnut (powdered) coffee creamer. I have been searching the web but have not found a recipe for this flavored coffee creamer.

If anyone has any tried-and-true powdered coffee creamer recipes, various flavors, they would be useful.

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  1. Jessica says

    I found this one, have not tried and it is liquid not powdered. :}

    1 can Eagle Brand Milk
    1 can Pet Milk
    1 Tablespoon Vanilla pure extract
    1 teaspoon hazelnut extract
    Mix all together in blender until completely blended.
    More of the hazelnut extract can be add to taste.
    Pour in bottle and keep in refrig.
    I make this for my son and use different extracts. He likes it better than the ones we buy.

  2. Jessica says

    Found this too:
    Hazelnut Syrup Recipe(suitable for coffee)

    1/2 cup of Finely Chopped Hazelnuts
    2 tbsp of Butter
    3/4 cup of Syrup (preferably maple)

    Making the Hazelnut Syrup:
    Melt the butter in a frying pan and toss the hazelnuts in. Cook them until they turn light brown. Add the syrup and heat thoroughly. (Do not boil.) For a stronger favor, add 3/4 cup of finely chopped hazelnuts.

    While the syrup is still warm, place a metal strainer over a bowl and pour the syrup into the strainer to seperate the hazlenuts from the syrup. Store the syrup in an air-tight container, preferrably a glass bottle with a twist cap. This syrup will last for up to 4 months.

  3. Jessica says

    I have not found a hazelnut powder except in that you grind hazelnuts. I was thinking maybe if you used a hazelnut flavored coffee, then a powdered creamer but I don’t know if it would work. I don’t really care for hazelnut flavor. I know that at my local Kroger, KY, there are flavored syrups that you could add to homemade liquid creamer. The bottle is small and about $3-$4 so it might come out cheaper in the end. Hope this helps.

  4. Nola says

    I too want to figure this out. Big difference in price for creamers with Hazelnut.

    I am Going to try firstly grinding some shell-less hazelnuts and add to powdered milk.
    Next try grinding hazelnuts coarsely about the same size as my coffee and add it in the coffee.
    Then try the recipe Jessica sent with the syrup.
    Also have hazelnut meal that I’ll add to dry buttermilk
    If that doesn’t do it, I’ll try to find hazelnut syrup but I’d rather make it so I know what’s in it.

    If any of these work out I’ll let you know

  5. julie says

    – 1 1/2 c non-dairy coffee creamer – or – non fat dry milk
    – 2 tsp hazelnut extract
    – 1 1/2 c confectioners’ sugar

    1. Combine all ingredients in an attractive container with a tight fitting lid. Shake well to blend. Store in airtight container and give creamer with the recipe for Hazelnut Coffee.
    2. To make Hazelnut Coffee: In a mug, combine 2 tablespoons of creamer with 6 ounces of coffee.

  6. Michelle says

    Make your recipe for liquid creamer than use a Dehydrater like they do for making powdered soup mixes. Sounds like a possibility to me. Google “dehydrating liquids” to find “how to’s”. Good luck.

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