Gluten Free Baking Mix

I’m looking for a homemade gluten free/dairy free baking mix I can use like Bisquick. Thanks

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Penny - November 3, 2009

I am looking for basic dough recipe that is gluten and dairy free. Our grocery bill has tripled since we had to take our son off gluten and dairy so I would appreciate any tips or recipes.

Rose - November 4, 2009

Check out or google “gluten free cooking school”. She has tons of g/f recipes and mix recipes. I buy my g/f flours from and save a bundle b/c the shipping is 4.99 for any size order, and the prices are half of what they are at my local health food store. Don’t forget that homemade popcorn is a frual, healthy, gluten free snack…microwave popcorn is not healthy at all.

Cheri Ellis - November 4, 2009

When we went gluten free for my son, I checked out every gluten free cookbook I could get through our library system. Most have a recipe for your own flour mix and how to use it in their recipes. Find a co-op where you can buy the flour in larger quantities-this really helps! I order through Azure Standard-if they deliver in your area they have a lot of choices. Look for gluten free items in your regular grocery store…most have an asian section that has inexpensive rice noodles, and I’ve found cheap rice crackers at Costco. Not everything has to come from a natural foods store which tend to be more expensive. When you make a batch of muffins or other sweets, freeze some so if you are invited to a party you son has something to bring along (I often call the hostess ahead and ask what will be served so my son can bring something comperable and won’t feel left out)

Karen S. - November 4, 2009

Bob’s Red Mill has alot of gluten free flours and you can buy them in larger quantities also there is the Gluten Free Pantry. Sign up for to get latest information and recipes for going gluten-free

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