Getting Rid of Iron Stains in the Shower

My fiberglass shower suround gets really discolored, mostly from iron in our water. I can’t use Bon Ami–it scratches the fiberglass. And the cleaners I’ve looked at in the store either aren’t safe for fiberglass, or haven’t worked. I’ve tried three or four different ones.

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  1. sheri charboneau says

    I use a tool a black and decker scum buster at work for a motel with fiberglass showers. I wrks great for dirt , grease m and soap scum , not sure about rust tho. might try that with dd- 7 do they make that anymore. I think it was a rust remover.

  2. Diana says

    Try a product called the Works. I buy it at Walmart. It’s the best thing I’ve found for very hard water stains in the tub. The best thing is it’s not expensive! I think it was $3 something for a bottle.

  3. shannon mammone says

    I also havae very hard water. I don’t know if it’s available in your area but I rely on The Works for both the shower and commode.They are different for both so make sure you don’t use the toilet cleaner in the shower, it eats away the plating on fixtures. Good luck!|

  4. Beth says

    I use lime away in my shower. I use a whole bottle of it to get it clean but it works. The magic erasers are good for inbetween cleanings but aren’t as good as the other. Hope that helps. And just throwing this out there, vinegar works really well in the dishwasher, if you have one, at getting rid of stains and rinsing the dishes well.

  5. Nicole says

    Use Peroxide. Weird I know. I found thid out by accident. I use it on all of my fixtures and surfaces. It also works wonders on Mold and Mildew. I am allergic to bleach so I have to find alternatives. This is one of the best I’ve found by far. Hope this helps.

  6. Monica says

    Krud Kutter is great! You can buy it at Ace Hardware or Home Depot, get the original. Also, WD-40 might work. Just be sure to use soap to clean it off. Good luck!

  7. Jeanette Smith says

    I have an acrilic kitchen sink, but Bar Keepers Friend works for me. I use it on the tile in the shower and it takes off iron. I will try the peroxide, that sounds like a winner.

  8. Liz Walker says

    yes, peroxide works very well for cleaning in the bathroom.
    For rust and hard water spots, use straight vinegar. If the build up is very thick, spray the vinegar on, let it set a few minutes, spray it on again, wipe, if it’s persistent keep spraying and wiping. Once you have the build up under control it’s quite easy to keep under control with vinegar.

    • jacquie says

      I have tried most of the products recommended above and they do not work. So far the only thing that I’ve found that does is Iron out, however it requires a tremendous amount of scrubbing and is difficult to use on vertical surfaces. The container will tell you to mix with water, but don’t. Get the area wet and then dip a brush in the dry product and scrub it on. Leave it for 10+ minutes and rinse it off. It would probably work better if you used a distilled or bottled water that doesn’t contain high amounts of iron. Also it smell REALLY bad, like make your throat constrict and can’t breathe bad! I’m still searching for something that is easier to use, so if anyone hears of anything I’d like to know.

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