Frugal Family Fun – Simple Excursions To Entertain Kids

Whether we’re talking about a short Holiday or the Summer break is in full swing, time home from school is fun for kids. But it also means kids are going to get restless. These days away from school can get long, both for you and for kids at home.

It’s important to find things to keep kids busy, happy, and entertained when they’re home from school for an extended break, or even just a long weekend. Having a few outings planned even for the shortest holiday from school will help keep the kids happy, and help you keep your sanity.

Of course, we can’t plan a big trip every time school is out of session. Instead, what I thought I’d share with you are some of our favorite frugal family outings.

These are the kind of excursions that will provide hours of entertainment without costing a bundle. They can also be enjoyed on a long weekend or as a part of a Summer vacation itinerary.

Take a look at these simple, and frugal, activities and see if there aren’t a few you would like to arrange for your family.

A Day At The Park

One of our favorite activities is to pack a snack or lunch and head to a local park or playground for a few hours. Along with food, I also bring notebooks, pencils, crayons, and a nice thick blanket to relax on. After some time spent playing on the swings and jungle-gym, we take time to write or draw pictures about our experiences. It’s a nice way to winding down. Rigorous playtime and a little quiet time spent outdoors in the fresh air usually results in an early bedtime. This outing makes for a perfect day, from start to finish.

Check Out The Library

Stop by your local library and check out the programs available for kids of all ages. Most programs are free, but if a program includes a craft, you may be asked to contribute a small amount of money to cover the materials. Pick up a program schedule from the librarian and keep it on hand so you can always be ready. Even if there isn’t a specific program, just a trip through the stacks will provide plenty of materials to keep kids busy for hours.

Go Camping

Grab your tent and some gear and take a short camping trip. This can be arranged as simply as you wish by camping close to home to reduce driving time. You can choose to camp out just for a day, arriving at your campsite early and leaving after the final s’mores are cooked over the evening campfire. Or you can stay a night or two. You don’t have to make the camping experience too complicated. Plan a relaxing time and the whole family will have fun, and at very little expense.

Become An Urban Explorer

There is a lot more going on in your own town than you may realize. Take a look at kid-friendly museums, special events in the area, or go visit your local fire house. You might find a fishing tournament, a sand castle building competition, or even a chili cook-off. Keep your eyes open and you’ll find all kinds of free things to do just a short drive from your door.

These are just a few ideas for excursions to take with your family that won’t cost very much, either in money or time. The next time the kids are home for a long weekend, plan just one short trip. I know everyone in our house is much happier when we take even just a little time to enjoy ourselves.

What about your family? On school holidays, do the kids (and you!) start to get under each others feet and on each others nerves? Do you usually plan something when the kids are off school? Please scroll down and comment to share your thoughts. I’d sure like to know how you handle the school breaks.

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  1. Lynne Sargent says

    These are all good ideas, but they presuppose that one lives within range of these activities, and/or has a vehicle to drive to get to them! We live in a rural area fairly far from any town, don’t have a vehicle, and don’t drive. Would you have some good ideas to keep the kids entertained at home? In the backyard when it’s nice, or inside when raining? Thanks.

    • The Hillbilly Housewife says

      Hi Lynne – I understand.

      And yes, in my blog I have a category called “Frugal Fun Fridays” with over 40 entries for things to do with the family, many which can be done at home and with very little money. Here’s the link to the whole category.

      Just scroll around and take a look. I hope this helps.

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