Freezing Rhubarb Pie

I have a friend who wants me to provide rhubarb pies for a late summer gathering (Post fresh rhubarb season). I know from past experience that frozen rhubarb is great for cakes and muffins, but does not make good pies. I have never frozen a rhubarb pie (or any pie) before. I’m afraid if I freeze it uncooked, it will be the same as freezing rhubarb (gets all watery). Can I freeze it after I bake it, or would the crust get soggy? Has anyone actually done this? I’d really like to hear from someone’s actual experience, not an “I’d think…” Thanks for the advice

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Laura in Ohio - May 12, 2010

Yes, you can absolutely freeze unbaked fruit pies, of any kind, including rhubarb). Double-crust fruit pies work especially well to bake from frozen. The thickener you use (tapioca, cornstarch, flour, etc… will thicken the juice just as it would if making pies from scratch, and then baking them right away.

Remember to cut the vent holes (at least 4) in the top of the crust before freezing. Bake right from the freezer-do not thaw. Baking from the frozen state will take awhile-about an hour or more. you may have to tent the whole pie, or just the edges as they could brown quicker-just like a ‘raw’ pie.

I usually start my frozen fruit pies on the bottom rack of the oven, then move them to the middle rack after about 45 minutes-just to make sure that the bottom crust is thoroughly cooked. I also keep a careful watch on them, just as I would the unfrozen fruit pies. Watch out for dripping/oozing juices, too.

Hope this helps-try out one pie first, just to get the feel for it! Think of all those frozen fruit pies in the supermarkets! You’ll do fine…

Inion - May 12, 2010

I do not recommend making the pies ahead for freezing either baked or unbaked. Freezing adversely affects the quality of the pie. If you really want to try it, I would freeze it before baking and add more thickener to the fruit mixture. I use tapioca. You can do some trial and error pie experiments to get it just right.

Frozen rhubarb can sucessfully be used in pie if you drain it well before adding to the fruit mixture.

    Michelle - April 17, 2012

    Freezing doesn’t affect the quality of fruit pies AT ALL. They are just as tasty as if they were made from scratch that day! I always freeze unbaked and then put it frozen right away into the oven. I like to do 425 for 15 min. and then about an hour or so on 375 until you see the filling bubbling.

Kristina Tyree - May 12, 2010

Hi. I make rhubarb pie all the time from frozen rhubarb. Just thaw it overnight in the fridge. You can put it in a colander to let the excess water drain out. I never squeeze it. My recipe is 3c. chopped rhubarb, 2 c, sliced strawberries, 1 1/4- 1 1/2 c. sugar, 1/8 tsp. nutmeg, and 3 tbl. minute tapioca. Mix together, let sit 15 min or so, and bake in a lattice-top crust. I pick my rhubarb at my friends in Maine, then just chop it and freeze it raw with my food-saver. Delicious pies, we eat them all winter. If you want just rhubarb, add more, and probably more sugar too. Hope this helps. P.S. I’ve never frozen a cooked or uncooked rhubarb pie.

Elizabeth - May 13, 2010

Absolutely you can make the pie (unbaked) and put it in the freezer.
Cook normally in the frozen state.

Darlene - May 13, 2010

Living the the north country,I use frozen rhubarb all of the time.I cook my filling before putting it in the pie shell. This pie is one of my customers’ favorite. I use 6 cups frozen rhubarb, 2 cups sugar, 2 cups frozen strawberries and 1/3 cup cornstarch. Cook over lo-med heat til thick and pour into pie shell and top with another. Sprinkle with sugar. Be sure to cut slits in the top crust. Bake on bottom rack til it starts to bubble then move to top rack. Bake until nicely browned. I freeze any extra pies after they are baked. Any leftover pie filling, makes a good dessert.

Rhea - July 8, 2010

You can freeze rhubarb by blanching or not necessary if you will use in 3 months. You can also freeze your pie crusts. Some say to roll flat and freeze between layers of wax paper but I just freeze mine in a ball wrapped in clingwrap and then in a ziplock bag. Just take it all out a couple hours or so before you use it and make the pie up. I always make up a bunch of pie crusts with my food processor at once then freeze it so it’s always on hand. I guarantee you won’t tell the difference. When blanched, rhubarb turns out perfect even a year later from the freezer.
When my mom worked in a restaurant, the night before–I don’t know about longer than that, she would bake the bottom crust to lightly done before adding filling so it would not be mushy. She would then fill the pies and add the top crust without baking and stick it in the freezer to bake in the morning.

mara - June 14, 2012

I mix the flour and sugar and spice(if wanted) with raw rhubarb and freeze. When I want to bake the pie, I drain off most of the liquid (save for syrup) before I put the rhubarb mix in the crust. Works for me!

    lida - June 5, 2013

    can I take cut frozen rhubarb add the spices while it is frozen and put in a pie crust and bake.

Jeanne Ryan - January 9, 2016

I freeze baked rhubarb pies all the time. They are never soggy, and mixture inside stays the same as fresh baked.

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