Freeze Bananas For Smoothie Making – Frugal Tip

I’ve been making a lot of smoothies and thought I’d share one of my favorite frugal tips for overripe bananas with you. It will help keep you from throwing out overripe bananas (or making yet another loaf of banana bread) and it is also a great way to take advantage of the great deals you can find at the grocery store when they have too many ripe bananas. I don’t know about you, but my grocery stores here almost always have very ripe ones on sale for a fraction of the cost of regular bananas (which are a frugal buy already).

Peel your bananas and cut away any bad dark spots. Slice them and pop them in a freezer bag. Toss it in the freezer to store until you’re ready to make your smoothies.

Grab a few slices (or a lot of them) and toss them into your blender along with other fresh or frozen fruit, and some milk, water or juice. Blend until done. You can use frozen bananas in any recipe that calls for banana. Just add a little extra liquid as needed to make them blend well.

Banana Slices

You can also make fake ice cream by blending lots of frozen bananas with a little milk. Add a dash of vanilla or a squirt of chocolate syrup and your favorite sweetener if needed and enjoy a yummy frozen treat. Don’t overdo the milk, give the blender time to do its work. You’re looking for soft serve consistency.

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Jennifer Cote - April 23, 2013

I LUV putting frozen bananas in smoothies! Makes it so thick (yeah, just like ice cream). Also, sometimes a room-temp banana in a smoothie doesn’t have as good a texture…
And like you said, you can put up bananas in the freezer just when they get to perfect ripeness. So good!

    Esther - May 22, 2013

    So many times bananas will go on sale at a supermarket because they are perfectly ripe right then and they know they won’t be worth anything by the next day. I’ve gotten them for well under $.20 a lbs. Then into the freezer right then! And if you do let some get over ripe (don’t we all?) I freeze them skin and all for future banana waffles, pancakes, or bread. Great article. Thanks.

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