Fiber Supplement Substitute

Do you currently take a fiber supplement or have considered taking one? Before you plunk down more than $10 a jar for a supplement that offers a few grams of fiber per serving, consider this:

one half cup serving of Fiber One Original Cereal provides 14 grams of fiber and 60 calories. You can snack on a few pieces with your breakfast and receive the same amount of fiber you would get in your expensive supplement. It also makes a great addition to any breakfast cereal you’re already eating. Pick this stuff up on sale and with a coupon, and you have a very cheap source of fiber.

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  1. Annie says

    Bran flakes are generally very cheap and can mixed into breakfast cereals, breads, muffins, cupcakes and pancakes. Some places also sell bran flour, which is useful for baked items.
    Be careful though, over consumption of fibre, as in bran in cereals etc can reduce absoprtion of essential vitamins and minerals.

  2. Phoenix says

    Psyllium husks are another cheap fibre source. You can sometimes find them in the health food section of the supermarket, otherwise most health food shops carry them at a reasonable price. You only need one or two teaspoons a day. All you do is put some in a cup and add water to make the husks swell. I used to drink mine in a cup of juice to make them taste better – they have a somewhat slimy feel if you’re just drinking them straight.

    Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water if you’re taking any sort of fibre supplement, too – otherwise constipation can be a real issue.

  3. says

    Fiber One can also be ground up and used alone or with other breading (flour, bread crumbs, cornmeal) and used to bread anything oven baked. I have used it for oven baked onion rings (added some seasoned salt) and it was good. You can also bread fish with it. Check out the Hungry Girl* website for other ideas for using Fiber One.

    * no affiliation, just a fan :)

  4. Salene says

    “Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water if you’re taking any sort of fiber supplement, too – otherwise constipation can be a real issue.”

    This is a critical message. I started using Psyllium without adequate liquid intake. At first not having to deal with a bowel movement every day was time saving and convenient. That was until I started gaining weight. Although I experienced no discomfort I gained fully 18 pounds before I had an “attack” that left me incapacitated in the bathroom for most of a Saturday. No one else was home, I could not reach my phone and I was afraid I was going to die. After hours of effort I was able to reach my phone and call 911. When the paramedics arrived I was horribly embarrassed. They could not have been nicer. I won’t go into details but they both assisted me and called for a plumber. My mother used to counsel “everything in moderation”. I agree with this but I’d bend the rule in favor more more when it comes to hydration under these circumstances. If even one person avoids this unpleasant experience because of this post I’ll feel blessed.

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