Easy Homemade Gift Ideas And Other Frugal Gifts

Homemade Gifts
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we’re all getting serious about Christmas gifts. In the HBHW Club, we’ve been talking about easy homemade gift ideas as well as some other frugal presents for the past few weeks.

I’ve compiled our best ideas into a free report for you called the ABCs of Christmas Gift Giving. You’ll be able to download the report below and of course you are welcome to share it with family and friends.

I would also like to invite you to join the Hillbilly Housewife Club at www.Hillbillyhousewifeclub.com

Here’s the frugal gift idea report – you’ll find plenty of ideas for every letter of the alphabet (even x and y). Enjoy!

The ABCs Of Gift Giving (PDF)


Susanne Myers – The Hillbilly Housewife

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nicole - November 30, 2009

Hi the new hot thing this year for recycled toys slippers quilts etc is useing felted sweaters from thrift stores to reuse as other things the list is endless and some thrift stores you can get a garbage bag full for next to nothing…a little bit of handiwork and you can make tons of stuff for next to nothing and feel good about the environment and your handiwork will be appreciated..were doing the gently used toy option..instead of buying brand new we have gone to consignment stores and bought toys for 1/3 the price…hope your xmas is well and cheap!!

sherry in idaho - December 1, 2009

This year,I and my daughters and granddaughters will have a canned foods exchange–each of us bringing 4 jars of home-canned something. The exchange is in the form of one person picking a jar, then anyone else can claim it. Each jar can only be claimed (passed on to the next person) 3 times so the third person gets to keep it. My offering will be vegetable soup, meat sauce, apple butter, and huckleberry jam. One granddaughter will be bringing jars of venison and I think one will bring jars of peach butter. Dressing the jars up a little by putting a circle of pretty cloth on top of the lid and then replacing the ring makes them special.

sherry in idaho - December 1, 2009

One chilly morning recently, my hands were too cold to enjoy being on the computer or knitting. I borrowed a pair of my daughter’s wristwarmers (fingerless mitts) until I got a pair made for myself. Then I realized that others might like these also. I have, so far, knitted 7 pairs and the 8th pair is on the needles. I have knit them all from stash so have not had to spend any money on them.

Tessie - December 3, 2009

Many people love decorating most of all around Christmas. Home made ornaments can be made cheaply, given as gifts, and used next year.

Online recipes for salt dough ornaments can be found online. Squeeze paint can simulate icing on these cookie look-alikes. However, always put on a sealant. The ornaments keep longer and pets won’t confuse them for treats. These are easy and fun gifts for children to make. My fiance painted a gingerbread man ornament to look like James Bond!

Candy cane reindeer are also cute. Plastic candy canes can be purchased at the dollar store. Then get tacky craft glue, brown pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, and tiny red pom poms for noses. Twist the pipe cleaners around the top of the cane and shape into antlers. Glue in the back if needed. Glue eyes to front of antler loop. Lay facing up and glue pom pom onto end of cane.

Vicki ~ MN - December 22, 2009

I’m no seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, but I was able to make some very lovely scented heating/cooling/travel pillows. Some flannel fabric and buckwheat hulls (or you could use raw rice or unpopped popcorn), along with a little dried lavender for scent, and I whipped out 6 of these in an evening. Just sew 3 sides of folded fabric together (inside-out), then flip to right-side out to fill and sew across the remaining side. You can microwave them for a minute or two for a delightful heating pad, freeze them to have on hand as a cooling pad, or just sleep with or use as a travel pillow. Sweet dreams!

PAULA - November 22, 2010

I wanted a potrack to hang up in my kitchen & didn’t want to spend $75 to $349 to make one, so I made my own. 1×1 boards (you will need 2), 4 inner corner braces, 4 eye hooks, metal shower curtain hooks, corner braces for crosswise support (I used 4 but I think 2 would do), metal chain (for hanging it after you finish), metal shelving, wood stain (optional). I bought a precut metal shelf for $1.56, measured the dementions & cut the wood to fit the size of metal grill you got & then stain them. Use the inner corner braces to join the wood together (they are ‘L’ shaped)& the corner braces to angle across the corners for support & to hold the metal shelf in there. Screw the eye hooks in to hang it with. The hardest part was getting the chain level to hang it with, so use a level, if you install it for them. Guys this would be a nice one for the wives!

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