Crockpot Ham and Potato Soup

  • 3-1/2 cups peeled, diced potatoes
  • 1/3 cup chopped celery
  • 1/3 cup finely chopped onion
  • ¾ cup diced ham
  • 3-1/4 cups water
  • 6 chicken bullion cubes
  • ½ t. salt
  • 1 t. pepper
  • 5 T. flour
  • 5 T. butter
  • 2 cups milk

Stir all but milk, flour and butter into crockpot. Cook on low for 6-8 hours, check tenderness of potatoes. 20 minutes before serving, melt butter in a saucepan, add flour and gradually add milk, stirring constantly over med heat until thick. Stir mixture into crockpot. Let cook 15-20 minutes more.

Submitted by HBHW reader Susan S.

Another easy and delicious crockpot recipe is this crockpot minestrone soup that Susan also submitted.

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  1. I just used this recipe to make potato soup I have never made it before and I have to say this came out PERFECT i did add carrots as well to mine though. My 8 year old daughter is telling me I need to make this often. YUMMY

  2. This recipe was so easy and tasted great. Even my picky 3 year old ate it, and he hates soup. It was even better the next day. Thank you!

  3. This is the best ham and potato crock pot recipe that I’ve made! Everything was done in 6 hours on low and I did add carrots. Even my picky preschool boys ate it up! Great recipe, thanks!

  4. Courtney Wood says:

    this is a pretty good recipe. Im 15 and i made it for my family and they loved it. i made my own little changes but other than that awesome

  5. I loved this recipe because its simple and inexpensive and really tasty! I altered it because I dont care for onions our celery I put onion powder and fresh garlic and addeda can of corn during the last few minutes of cooking. I think that next time I will reduce the amount of bullion cubes the recipe called for as it was a tad bit salty. over all a great family recipe, I will make this again!

  6. Awesome recipe! Have made this several times and shared the recipe with family and friends.

  7. This soup is sooo good! The only thing I did differently was to add sliced carrots. Then towards the last 1/2 hour of cooking, I added a cup of frozen peas. Super delicious! Thank you for sharing this recipe. It’s a keeper for sure. I’m making it again today.

  8. My family loved the soup. I added cheese,cooked wild rice, & great northern bean to the recipe. Thanks for the recipe, added it to my favorites.

  9. This was delicious! I put it in the crockpot before leaving for the day and came home to finish it up last night. I added some sliced carrots. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  10. Amazing how many people feel the need to add or deduct things from a recipe!

    • That’s what makes new recipes. Experiment.

    • I do agree but I can see taking the given recipe as a base and add or subtract (this usually is due to taste preferences) but I really dislike when someone needs to totally change the recipe. I like the idea on this one of adding carrots and peas as it will boost the nutritional value and veggies. Personally, I will probably top my soup with bacon bits, cheddar and green onon as I usually do. I do look forward to trying this ! (hopefully this weekend!) :)

  11. Sharon Lewis says:

    This was the BEST potato soup my husband or I have ever had. There were only two bowls left after he, myself and my son ate it for dinner. It is wonderful leftover for lunch the next day as well. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It is my new go to recipe! :)

  12. I am making this soup today and want to know if I can double this recipe.

  13. I made this twice over Thanksgiving… the second time instead of ham i used all the left over dark meat turkey…. came out like turkey chowder… delicious!

  14. add the pepper last too

  15. Ok really good recipe but I agree with a few others about reducing the bullion amount it is pretty salty. Otherwise its a keeper.

  16. Abbylivismom says:

    I usually make this with bacon but since we had an early thanksgiving dinner with ham, i will be using it instead. I also add 1 container of Philadelphia cooking Creme (itialian herb flavor), we like it creamy. Since ham is salty, I will no use as much boullion either. This will be great with my leftovers today! Thanks for posting :)

  17. I made this for my family tonight. I loved it!! So simple and easy…and very delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  18. I have everything to make this yummy dish but I’m all out of milk and snowed in. Can this recipe be made with Half and Half to replace the milk? and if so, how much half and half would I use and would I still need to mix Flour in with it?

  19. Hi I’m making this today….I will add frozen peas and carrots near the end. Excited to taste it!

  20. Pam Harrelson says:

    If you change out the Ham for Clams it makes Perfect New England Clam Chowder!!!

  21. I found this recipe a couple years ago and have used it every time since. My family LOVES it. I use a little more ham and slightly less bullion (since the extra ham adds saltiness) I also double it because the leftovers are incredible.

  22. naomi hess says:

    I just wanted to add that our family loves this soup but we are not big fans of the salty flavor of boullion either. We use chicken broth or chicken base instead and it turns out great! I always have a container of chicken base and beef base on hand since I am not a fan of too much salt. I noticed that they even make ham base which I have yet to try. Just thought I would share since I recently learned about these soup bases instead of boullion and was thankful someone shared the idea with me!

  23. naomi hess says:

    I also want to add that instead of regular milk we use canned evaporated milk, I don’t know why but it just makes it better. It almost gives it a “cheesy” flavor. It is aeesome!

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