Cleaning Silicone Bakeware

I love my silicone bakeware, but the spray “Pam” darkens and I can’t remove it. Does anyone have any cleaning tips?

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  1. Joy says

    You should never oil or spray Pam or use anything on silicone. The magic in silicone is that it will magically release.

    • Jenny says

      Believe it or not, sandpaper works best. You control how hard to press on it , but it does take those ugly brown spots off. wash well and rinse well afterwards

  2. Stephanie says

    I am having the same problem. I will try to fix it with food. My family and I are in love with the 6 week bran muffins on this site and I am making them weekly sometimes twice. My husband is especially fond of muffin tops so I started filling the muffin cups extra full for him and adding lots of raisins…anyway what I noticed was that where the muffin tops spilled over and cooked there is no cooked on brown marks. So I am thinking about cooking some ‘muffin tops’ on the pan instead of in the cups. I think it will work, but it might need to be done a time or two. What do you think? The good news is that the recipe is here on this site so try it out. Its wonderful.

    • Sue ripley says

      Hi there can you give me the receive for these muffins they sound lovely I live in Europe so we don’t get your lovely muffins here, had a month in New England recently and they were gorgeous. So,would,like to try to make some.

  3. HW says

    You don’t need to use PAM or anything else to grease silicone pans/bakeware. Silicone is naturally non-stick and nothing will stick to it. I’d try soaking the silicone pan in water with some baking soda.

  4. Nadine says

    About the 6-week bran muffins–the recipe says they will keep 6 – 8 weeks in the refrigerator. Is that the dough or the baked muffins?

  5. says

    The silicone bakeware should not need any additional spray or oils. If you do want to coat pans with a spray for baking, the regular Pam spray can cause the pans,over time, to develop a sticky yellowed on coating, even with good cleaning. I have been told, if you use the nonstick spray product that contains the flour mixed in, this will not happen. Crisco makes one.

  6. HW says

    Nadine, the batter for the 6-week bran muffins keeps 6-8 weeks in the refrigerator. It’s nice to have in the fridge because then you can bake however many muffins you need whenever you need them.

  7. Carolyn McClaskey says

    I have the Wilton loaf pan and have just gone on their website where in their ‘how to use silicone’, they say to spray theirs with nonstick spray or oiling them. I have used my pan once to make meatloaf and it is now very ‘ugly’! I have tried everything to get it off, to no avail! I wish I had not used the spray on it!!!

  8. flo says

    Mine is 10 years old and well used so I read all different sites & posts (that dawn thing but that is too expenisve). I remembered that I had a gallon refill of “Greased Lightening” in the garage figured I would give that a try. I sprayed my bakeware with it and let it sit for 15 mins then used an old baby soft brush and it lifted the goop off. I then ran em thru the dishwasher and they are as clean as the day they arrived. I got the greased lightening at Lowes for around $7.99, it was recomended for cleaning my fiberglass shower when and it works like a charm.

  9. says

    As silicone bakeware finally becomes more and more popular in places like the USA, many small poor engineered manufacturers are popping up to gain a piece of the market. The result is silicone molds lacking in proper quality control management. Simply obtaining FDA approval is a far cry for insuring a quality product. FDA approval can be obtained by meeting bare minimum requirements.
    Sprays of any type will often stain your silicone bakeware. Generally, it is recommended to ‘slightly’ increase the oil or butter content in the recipe if you are overly concerned about sticking, though in most cases this is unneccessary.
    Avoid any type of ‘spray’ oils. Remember, you are not only putting oil on the mold, but also the propellent which is under pressure in the spray can.
    Using silicone baking molds require a slight ‘learning curve’ as well. Adjustments in both temprature and baking times will need to be made. Allow the baked item time to cool but not get cold before removing from the mold.
    I hope some of this information is useful to everyone. As a silicone mold manufacturer/distributor, we are always reading blogs to hear experiences people are having in actual use, so we can avoid future problems.
    Good luck and happy baking!

    • marn says

      my bakeware has absorbed the scent of dish detergent. My brownies actually tasted like they had soap in them. Any suggetstions on how to get odor out. I soaked them in baking soda water overnight and they still smell like the dishwasher detergent.

  10. says

    maybe you can try this way!
    Wipe with alcohol, and then wash it.
    Our bakeware are made of 100% food grade silicone.
    Eco-friendly, nonstick. and high-temperature resist.

    • Debbie from Madeira Beach says

      Emily – your suggestion using alcohol worked for getting that sticky film off of my silicone handles of my knives and forks flatware! I had tried GOO BE GONE and it just made it gummier. The handles are a little dull, but the gooey sticky stuff was removed successfully. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  11. Edith says

    I can easily clean the interior of my silicone bakeware, nothing sticks to it and I love that part; it is the exterior that is getting disgusting: there is a greasy film on the outside and I have been using it within the temperature range indicated by the manufacturer. Does anyone know why this ugly exterior film is caused and how can I avoid or clean it? (dishwashing liquid is not working)

    • Slee says

      This exact thing is happening with my brownie pan. The interior is clean – no problem but the exterior has a greasy film that can’t be cleaned off. Is this a defective pan ? I’m wondering if the silicone is breaking down…

    • Debbie from Madeira Beach says

      Try using rubbing alcohol. It works for my gummy filmy silicone handles on some flatware I purchased. I live in Florida and storing this kind of silicone material in a closed drawer with all the humidity flowing through the house, caused these 8 month old silicone-handled silverware to become sticky and gummy. Like previous comments, the dish soap didn’t even touch it. Made it worse in fact. Good luck with the removal.

  12. Amanda says

    I have used a magic eraser on the mess that the cooking spray makes. I have used in on silicone and on regular pans, it works great. If you don’t want to buy the original magic eraser, you can buy a generic type for $1 at your local dollar store (we have a Dollar Tree that sells them). I always wash the pans good after using though.

  13. Tex says

    Dust small amounts of any kind of dry baking flour onto the tacky residue; rub until the flour absorbs it and forms crumbs. Wipe off the crumbs and rinse with tap water. Repeat if needed: if the flour no longer forms crumbs, you’ve finished. Consider laying newspaper on your work surface to make cleanup easier.

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