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Country Biscuit

My grandmother who live in Arkansas used to make the best biscuits. They were more like a dinner roll. She cooked them in a wood stove. I found the same type of biscuit in a restaurant in the south once but can’t seem to find the actual recipe. Can anyone out there help? Enjoy your […]

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Gob or Whoppie Pie

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania–the land of the wonderful “gob”, known in other parts as a “whoopie pie”. I have several recipes for gobs, but the homemade white filling (not the yellow stuff found in the commercially marketed gobs) never seems to be quite right; it is never as fluffy, thick, or sweet as […]

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Dry Dip Mixes

I’m looking for recipes for the dry ingredients to mix for dip (that you can mix with sour cream, yogurt, or cream cheese). I would like to mix some of these up to put in small zip bags to give with an appropriate dish for Christmas gifts to friends and neighbors. If anyone has a […]

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Friendship Cake

My mom (May She Rest In Peace) had a friend that used to make something around the holiday’s called friendship cake. It took about a month or so to make. You would add something one day and then stir it the next. I know it was kinda like a fruit cake because it had a […]

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