Buckwheat Scrapple Recipe

I have been searching for buckwheat scrapple recipes and can find none I care for, if anyone knows what R&R Provisions of Easton,Pa Scrapple tastes like that is what I am looking for; but I will try all recipes until I find the best one so pile them up pleaseeeeeeeee!

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  1. gordon samer says

    I have had R&R and it’s the best around. There’s no cornmeal in R&R. Hatfield use to be good until they started adding cornmeal. That ruined it. I too am looking for a recipe that uses both white flour and buckwheat flour.

  2. George says

    @gordan: I have several recipes using buckwheat and flour, but they also use cornmeal as well. Be glad to share them.

    I have been making cornmeal scrapple for awhile. I am from a Pennsylvania Dutch family from around York, PA but grew up nearer to Philadelphia. I have watched as original scrapple was made from the head of a hog. My challenge was to reinvent the true scrapple flavor, similar to what you can buy from a few Philadalphia companies, only mine tastes much, much better — I use 12 spices.

    I have read about using buckwheat along with cornmeal, but never heard of buckwheat alone. I thought of trying to incorporate some buckwheat or flour just to improve the density.

    I once tried steel-cut oats according to a German midwestern recipe I found online. It tasted great using my spice mix but the texture was very mealy.

    I will be looking forward to reading more input here — scrapple is part of my favorite breakfasts and many other meals.

    • says

      Please share the recipes; I was born in SE PA and now live in Fairbanks, AK and no one has even heard of scrapple. When I went back for my uncle’s funeral we were so busy I didn’t even get to eat any. Thanks in advance – If you can’t post it here you can leave a comment on my blog with it.

    • PAwitch says

      I would love your scrapple recipe. I like R & R but it is not quite there. I used to help butcher with a group but had to stop. just trying to make a few pans a year for me and a few gifts for friends. Can’t get the spices done right I guess.

    • gordon says


      My experience was on my grandparents farm near Bath in Northampton County. Grandpa kept the recipe in his head but never was cornmeal used. Philly brand, like you get at the Redding Market is always cornmeal. Yuck! R&R can still be bought at their store in Easton, PA. They no longer ship it through the mail like they use to. Oh, the store in Broadway, NJ no longer carries R&R.

  3. gordon samer says

    George, my heritage is also from Bath,Pa. I watched my family butcher and they made all sorts of things. Everything except the oink. Never was cornmeal added to the scrapple. Like I said, only R&R out of Easton still makes it with buckwheat and wheat flour. This Thursday I’ll be in Broadway, NJ and you can bet I’ll bring back a pan of R&R.
    There was another butcher near Pennsville that made great scrapple but the State put him out of business years ago.

  4. Lisa semberg says

    Please help me find a good recipe for pan pudding or a scapple pudding. My greatgrandfather who is 86 wants to have it one last time he says. Thank you so much for your help, Lisa

  5. Bruce Romanish says

    I’m grew up in Easton and eat R&R every time I visit my sister (I’m on the west coast these days). Hartman’s in Belfast years back made a scrapple that was very similar to R&R. No cornmeal. But they’ve been closed for decades. I’d really like to have a no-cormeal recipe in the R&R tradition if anyone has one. Thanks.

  6. Kathi says

    Does anyone know where to get scrapple in Colorado???? Long ago when I lived in Stroudsburg, PA, an uncle by marriage used to make his own. There was nothing like it. I’ve moved around a lot and often, and everywhere I’ve gone I’ve not been able to find any. A friend brought some back from Virginia, but my daughter threw out the pan it was in thinking it was something old! Thanks for any help.

  7. Dennis says

    So, did anyone find any recipes? I’d like a few myself. For those who are looking for a source, the Parks Sausage Company makes a pretty good scrapple–no hogs heads though–for distribution in New York state and perhaps other places as well.

  8. says

    For those interested in both the history of scrapple and a wide variety of recipes, I published a book some years back called COUNTRY SCRAPPLE, which can be found online. I agree that it is not real scrapple unless it contains buckwheat; cornmeal is fine as long as it is mixed with buckwheat and balanced out by other ingredients, but a lot of firms do not get it right. Best to make your own. It is not difficult. W3

    PS: The best flavored scrapple is made by Dietrich’s Meats, Krumsville, PA. They also make excellent pot pudding.

    Country Scrapple by William Woys Weaver

  9. Susan says

    Back in the 60’s or 70’s, there was a butcher shop/meat market in Stroudsburg,PA right off N 5th street, just north of the 5th street pond that made the BEST scrapple. Now when I look for meat market etc in Stroudsburg all I see is Gary’s. I want to say it was called Shrecks meat market…. Not sure why ….but they had the BEST scrapple. Have tried some other that a friend ordered for me and it just tasted blah. One of the many things I miss about PA. Not saying Texas is bad mind you!!!

    • Elaine says

      to Susan
      no one can beat Gary, for making scrapple, I live in Missouri now and no one here knows what it is either. Best kept secret I guess.

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