Broken Crock Pot Lid – Help!

The glass lid to my crockpot broke. It’s a weird-sized oval one so I can’t use another lid or a plate – any suggestions? It’s a big crock pot, I love it, and I don’t want to throw it away.

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  1. marilyn says


  2. debby says

    I have a brown glass lid, westbend brand, 6 qt, 10 inches X 7 inches that you could have. The crockpot hasn’t been working great and I got a new one for Christmas!

  3. Cheryl says

    be sure to check all the thrift stores – I’ve actually gotten some great crockpots whole thing for $5, but you also can find the lids cheaper than getting a replacement from mfg.

  4. Tonya says

    I was going to suggest the heavy duty aluminum foil. I broke the lid to my crockpot and that’s why I used. I did put a tiny hole in the center of it to just release a little of the steam. It worked quite well for me.

  5. Tammy says

    I managed to break the handle on mine. I was cleaning the lid, and it broke right off. I finally just decided to leave it be, and use pot holders. The washer, nut and screw were intact.

  6. geri says

    Try garage sales as well as thrift stores. I was in the same dilemma and I was able to use the lid of one of my french white casserole dishes that was the same size in the meantime.

  7. says

    Tammy, I’m in ssame boat as you the nut and screw are intact so I use fork tines to lift my lid up. It works!!
    A replacewment lid was about $15 plus shipping, and it’s a 5 yr old Rival that I spent $20 on so I’m not replacing the lid.

  8. Cynthia says

    Check your local outlet mall. Many of the major manufacturers have stores, and even if you can’t find your unit’s manufacturer, you may have luck matching another manufacturer’s lid. If it’s just the knob snapped off, some rural hardware stores stock replacement knobs, and it wouldn’t surprise me if somebody hasn’t got a website somewhere.

  9. Erin says

    That happened to me a couple months ago. I looked into getting a replacement but couldn’t figure out how. I found a new crockpot at Wal-Mart of less than $20 so bought that. I use the lid from the new crockpot on my old crockpot and whenever this one dies I’ll still have a crockpot.. granted my kids don’t pull the thing off the counter again.

  10. Melody says

    For the people with the broken handles on their lids that have the nut and screw intact: that was my problem too. I wasn’t about to spring for $15 for a new lid (although that did include shipping). Our local thrift store had some odd pot lids with screw on top handles for 39 cents. I got one, made a washer by drilling a hole in a penny (where can you buy a washer for a penny) and put my “new” handle on my crockpot lid. It works great – and my family is now aware they do not borrow my appliance lids to use when they borrow my pressure cooker pot to make popcorn. Someday I may even understand why they couldn’t use the popcorn popper…

  11. E. Sanders says

    I agree with Rhonda! Ebay, baby! They have everything on eBay… Also, once you’ve entered a search for crockpot lids, if they don’t have it the first time you look, hit the “save this search” button. Ebay’s computers will actually watch for someone to list a crockpot lid for sale, and then send you an eMail letting you know one’s been put on the market. (I use this eBay feature to replace missing silverware, and pieces from my china set. It’s great!)

  12. Judy Pascoe says

    I was surprised to see someone using plastic wrap instead of a cover on a crockpot. It was on one of the cooking shows, I think. So, I’ve been using Saran on my crockpot for a couple of years now. No leaks, easy to use and no washing of a lid. Try it!

  13. Jason says

    I broke the lid handle off mine (plastic underside that attached the plastic to the metal nut) and really didn’t want to pay $10 plus shipping, so I contacted Crock pot saying I that I used their product under normal conditions/use (which was true), I wasn’t happy with the lid’s durability, and asked that they send me a replacement lid. They got back to me right away, saying that the model I gave them had been discontinued, so they would send me a brand new similar model FREE!… just got it… SWEET! …Thanks Crock Pot (lets hope the engineering is better on this new model, otherwise I’ll call again :) …)

  14. Mike says

    my lid had broken as well and also was discontinued and we love this crock pot i searched for hours on line and i found this website and found one that fits almost like the original … and it was only $6

    editor’s note: Thank you, Mike, for the info. Here’s the link: – Appliance Parts Since 1948

  15. says

    Well I just stumbled across this great site. I have a question I bought a crook pot at a thrift store, I was so happy I didn’t realize there was no crook. Can I still use it. Or any other options?

    • The Hillbilly Housewife says

      Hi Becci – There was no crock in the crockpot you bought? Without the crock, it’s not usable as far as I’m concerned. Unless you can find a crock that fits exactly inside the pot, that is.

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