Italian Star Bread Recipe

For the longest time I have been trying to find the recipe for Italian Star Bread. I can buy it at a nearby Italian bakery here in Springfield, MA but I would love to bake my own. It is shaped sort of like a “butterfly” and kind of twisty. The crust is golden in color a very, very smooth. The texture of the bread is so smooth and velvety. It is sooo good with pasta or with just nothing but butter. If you could find this recipe you would make me so very happy. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to make this request and for a great newsletter and site.

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  1. CS says

    This sounds a lot like semolina bread. You will need durum flour to get that flavor. It can be shaped pretty much however you want. Try a google search for a recipe that works best for you (I don’t know if you have a stand mixer or bread machine, etc.) One bit of advise would be to let the dough rest in the fridge overnight to develop the best flavor before you shape and bake it.

    • Peter Steele says

      Tougias Bakery
      I used to get my star bread from a market that got its bread from Tougias Bakery that was in Springfield’s North End. the last time I checked on the internet, they were still there. I had been eating their star bread since I was about twelve. That would have been about 60 years ago! I’ve never found it anywhere else.

  2. Jim Dunn says

    I remember my grandmother having her baker deliver a star shaped bread, light golden crust soft white center. No flavor like garlic just the best with soup or pasta, or just butter.
    This was back in the late 40s early 50s in Brockton Mass.
    If you find a recipe please forward.

  3. cecelia says


    • Laura Rosso-Cousart says

      Did you ever find recipe for star bread? My father’s family lived in Agawam and I would love to bake him some star bread. It brings back all sorts of wonderful memories….he would be so thrilled to have some!

  4. says

    We too have been searching for years. Also from deep roots and star bread memories in Springfield, Mass. If anybody finds it, we’ll share with everybody! It would be a blessing!

  5. Tony says

    There is a bakery on Orange St in Forest Park that has it too… at least they did a couple years ago. I now live in NC and def miss my star bread!

  6. cj says

    There’s a recipe in this book: Artisan baking across America: the breads, the bakers, the best recipes by Maggie Glezer

  7. joyce says

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my request. I lost this post and just rediscovered it today, and no, I was never able to find the Star Bread recipe, however I will not give up. CS mentioned that it sounded like a semolina bread (thanks CS) so I will check that out. Again, thanks to all.

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