Apple Cider Mix

I am looking for a recipe for instant apple cider mix to use in heated water. My husband loves hot apple cider and he does not like the store bought apple cider warmed up in a cup. He loves the Alpine apple cider mix but it is $2 per box of 8 envelopes at Walmart and I was hoping for a recipe to make the mix myself. Thank you.

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Tara - December 5, 2010

I have a really good mix we just call it spiced cider but here it is
68 oz jar instant orange drink
1/2 cup instant tea
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup county time
1 (3oz) pkg apricot jello
2 1/2 teas ground cinnamon
1 teas ground cloves
Combine and store in airtight container we use 1 1/2 T per cup of hot water

    patti williams - August 29, 2012

    Is it really 68 oz jar instant orange drink? it seems to me that is too much, you won’t be able to taste any of the other ingredients. Could this be a mis-print?

      Iana - December 23, 2012

      I’ve looked for this recipe elsewhere and its 18 oz jar of orange drink such as tang.

Becky - December 9, 2010

Finding dry apple flavored powder will be the main problem. I have seen it in the packets you add to bottled water. Maybe you coudl experiemnt using those, Tang, and spices.

TRISH - December 16, 2010

I also love the Alpine cider in the packets. You are looking for something that I have been trying to find for the last 10 years. I make most of my own mixes and have many sources to order unusual ingredients from. But, I have NEVER seen one with “powdered apple”. I can find tomato powder, cherry powder but never the apple. I’ll take my laptop with me to the laundromat and research while the machines are doing their magic. If I find something I will post it. TRISH

    Mike O'Leary - December 27, 2014

    Kool-Aid makes a Green Apple powder that is you can make with sugar. Hopes this helps!

Jeb - September 18, 2012

Amazon has apple powder – real and “apple flavored”. Please post any recipe you come up with! I too am trying to replace the store bought stuff.

    TRISH - September 19, 2012

    THANK YOU Jeb for the amazon information. Now I’m on a mission to figure out the recipe. Stay tuned but don’t hold your breath! I’m really busy these days so it might take me a while to do the research & taste testing. Again, thx!

Scott - September 25, 2012

On go to food storage then search for apple drink mix for a powdered apple drink mix then you can add other stuff? Drink mix is excellent but I have not played with it to make a cider mix but am sure it could be done please let me know if someone does play around with this my kids would love it on the way to school on a chilly morning.

Cathy - December 23, 2012

I slice apples really thin, dehydrate them until crispy, and then pulverize them in my Magic Bullet. I mix in cinnamon, sugar, and allspice. I sift it to make it really fine. Just add hot water, stir, and drink.

    Veralyn - January 11, 2016

    That’s what I was thinking to do about the apple part. What are your proportions?

Cathy - December 23, 2012

I should add that I also run the sugar and spices through the Bullet too and sift them with the apples so that the sugar is powdered, not granulated. I end up with about 1-2 tsp of stuff that doesn’t sift, and I toss it so that when rehydrated it doesn’t turn into apple chunks.

christina - April 28, 2015

well i have a powder mix that was given to me with no instructions as to the ratio with hot water but i can tell it’s apple cider mix and i have been looking everywhere can someone help

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