1940’s Hotdog Sauce From West Virginia

I am looking for an old recipe from West Virginia for a hot dog sauce or coney sauce. The sauce was sold in Mann West Virginia and around that area in the 1940’s. I really hope someone can help me find that or a very old one from that time era. Thank you So Much
Wanda wortmoon@yahoo.com

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george - December 3, 2015

Do any of you remember the dairy dell in parkersburg wv I would like to get their hot dog sauce recipe just for old time sake it was very good

Robert Morris - December 16, 2015

Absolute best hot dog meat sauce was served by Carlot’s restaurant in Monongah, West Virginia. Carlot’s was across from Monongah High School when I was a student there from 1960 till 1964. I have never found a better hot dog in my travels across the United States. Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington D.C. and the Ritzi Lunch in Clarksburg, West Virginia are two excellent hot dogs but neither surpasses Carlot’s. Lupo’s restaurant in Fairmont, West Virginia served one of the best hot dogs in my memory but alas Lupo’s was forced out of business by the city of Fairmont and the U.S. Post office which took all of their parking. All of the very best hot dogs have several things in common: Buns that are steamed; weiners that are cooked in hot oil; and weiners that are small in diameter. One place that I forgot to mention was Pink’s hot dogs server at their Las Angeles location. The one in Las Vegas was terrible.

Pamela - January 18, 2016

I am looking for the recipe for the Eckard Drug store lunch counter’s hotdog sauce. I had it in the late 50s in Greenville South Carolina. I believe it had katsup rather than tomato sauce.
Hoping in Florida

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