1940’s Hotdog Sauce From West Virginia

I am looking for an old recipe from West Virginia for a hot dog sauce or coney sauce. The sauce was sold in Mann West Virginia and around that area in the 1940’s. I really hope someone can help me find that or a very old one from that time era. Thank you So Much
Wanda wortmoon@yahoo.com

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  1. Jana says

    Try Texas Pete or Bunker Hill hotdog sauce. Sold with the canned chilis, this is what most places here in Northern NC use.

  2. Melissa says

    My mother-in-law used to work at a Dairy Delight in West Virginia and she still makes their hot dog chilli recipe in big batches and freezes it. I don’t know if she’ll give me the recipe but I can do some digging if you think it might be what you’re looking for. I know it has finely ground beef, celery and onions in it.

      • Lisa Kenney says

        Original Coney Island Hotdog Sauce
        1 lb hamburger
        2# hotdogs ( i use food processor)
        5-6 teaspoons Paprika
        2 teaspoons chili powder
        1 cup water
        Cook in crackpot 6-8 hours ( 3 hrs on high– reduce to low 3-6 hrs)
        Or 1 hour on stove top stir constantly.

      • Rod says

        Hey all you all. I am 67 years old and lived in the heart of what a true West Virginia hot dog sauce is……withould the dog food. You know of what I speak. I and my very best friend have been experimenting for 16 years. We are very close… And our mantra is the same as Mel fishers….today is the day!!!! I am as close as I think I can be without your help. If you are with me, we can put this mystery to an end….are you with me???????? Email me at fishinrod2@ yahoo. Com. We r so very close.rdf

      • Michelle says

        I remember the Dairy King in Farmington,WV having awesome hot dog sauce. It was ran by the Dudash family. If anyone has the recipe and could share please do. Would love to have a good sauce to show my family what it was like and how good it was. Thanks.

    • Dar Collins says

      Could you please find out the recipe for me? I used to work at this little dairy bar in Elizabeth, WV and they used this sauce that I totally love. It’s been a while back but hopefully you can get this for me.

      • Jeff Seevers says

        That may be my families recipe passed down for a very long time (Newark dairybar and Cisco store)…I am actually making right now…I like ground venison but hamburger will do… this makes a very large pot that can be canned or frozen:

        2.5 lbs “burger” (90% lean if beef)
        2 pints ketchup
        1 pint water
        3 finely chopped onions
        1 whole clove galic finely minced
        1/2 teaspoon salt
        4 tbls all purpose flour
        1/2 tsp baking soda
        2 tbls sugar (to taste)
        1 tbs worchester sauce
        1 tbs chilli powder
        1 stick unsalted butter or margine

        Brown burger slightly while breaking into small chunks, then add onion, and garlic. Simmer until beef is cooked and onions are translucent. (Drain and set aside to add to sauce)

        In large pot, combine ketchup, water, butter, worchester sauce, chilli powder, and salt. Cook on low heat to bring to temperature. (this should never come to boil)

        Add burger mixture, sugar, and flour to the sauce.

        Simmer for 30 min stirring often so sugar and tomatoe does not burn on the bottom.

        Finally, add baking soda and stir ( this will cause a foam that will go away, nutralizing the tang of the ketchup and worchester sauce)

        That is the basic sauce…I like mine sweet and spicy so I add 5 coarsely chopped jalepenos, and 2 finely chopped habener peppers and adjust surgar before adding meat to the sauce.

      • Laura C. Merchant says

        Dar as in Darlene? This is Chris Weekley(Merchant). I’m afraid that recipe may have left us when we lost Mary Cooper – unless she shared with any of her relatives. There was none any better and I have tried many times. LOL

  3. Jane says

    I doubt that the recipe from Guys’ show was anything like it.. Man, WV is < I believe, a rural coal town…my grandparents lived there at one time.They later moved to souhtern OH and opened a restaurant. Grandpa had a secret dog sauce recipe that had the very finely ground burger in it…he never ever ever drained the grease from the burger, but I digress…a village like Man would probably would not have had allspice in the 40’s…the closest I have found to my Grandpa’s over the counter is Casletberry…and yes, I STILL buy it…if it is heated properly, there is no threat…I add a pound of browned ground beef to 2-3 cans…maybe add a bit of water or tomato juice to thin it out if you like…to make homemade, brown beef, then add chili beans that have been smashed up along with onions, peppers and some chili powder a pinch of cumin added to make it just right, but then going by what would have been available in WV at the time, I would say, chili powder (or dried hot chili peppers grown in the garden), ground beef, onions and tomatoes would have been the base. jmho

    • Melissa says

      Im from Fairmont Wv and this is the real deal. Never brown your ground beef. Read below You can adjust the heat by adding more or less of the spices. Hope this helps.
      Fairmont Style Hot Dog Sauce

      1 C. finely chopped onion
      5 pounds ground beef
      1/4 pound ground pork
      1 T. black pepper
      1 T. salt
      3 T. chili powder
      4 T. crushed red chili pepper (medium hot)
      1 32 oz. can tomato sauce
      1 14 or 15 oz. bottle – ketchup
      1 small can tomato paste
      1 T. olive oil
      1/4 t. cumin
      1 dash Tabasco sauce

      In a large pot, saute the onion in the olive oil until tender but not browned. Crumble the raw hamburger and ground pork and add to the pot. Cover with water and cook for 1 hour, uncovered, adding more water if necessary. Add the remaining Ingredients and cook, covered, over low heat, just simmering, for two more hours.

      If you wish a thinner sauce, add more water half way through the final two hours. For thick sauce, cook down, uncovered for a while longer.

      This recipe makes quite a lot of hot dog sauce, so we freeze it in small lots and then microwave to thaw. This is not called Chili around here; it’s Hot Dog Sauce and this style of sauce, or some variation of it is found in all of the dog stands in this town and in most of North Central West Virginia.<

      • Sharon says

        I use basically the exact same recipe as you have here, except I use a little more chili powder. I’ve made many hotdogs for both mine, and my husband’s work picnics, along with our large families.. and everyone has said it’s the best hotdog sauce they’ve ever eaten anywhere. I’m from WV, but we’ve traveled, and lived in other states where we’ve ate hotdogs… and I have to agree this is the best hot dog sauce we’ve ever eaten!! Just moved back from NC where we tried hotdogs from numerous areas, and restaraunts, and they put that nasty Castleberry hot dog chili on theirs. Even the so-called “home-cooking” diners used it… yuck!!

      • Kyle Johnson says

        I’m a professional chef and I live in Huntington, WV. This is a great recipe. I’ve used this before. Only..I add beef stock/broth to my sauce..and sometimes I use Pepsi.

    • Raymond Blankenship says

      There used to be a drive in just before entering man called Cliffside Drive In and they used to have very good hot dogs. I am about 12 miles from man at Chapmanville. I love a good hot dog.

  4. fhurlbutt says

    there may not have been allspice around then[i don’t know] but there is spicebush that grows wild in appalachia and the leaves can be used as allspice.

  5. amanda says

    only one my family has is ground beef, one small bottle of ketchup per pound of beef, onions, brown sugar, worchestershire, and chili powder to taste. we dont really measure anything, just make it to taste.

  6. Chuck Warner says

    I’m from Fairmont WV, and I have some pretty strong opinions about authentic WV hotdog sauce:

    The most basic sauce is made from boiled hamburger (NEVER fried or browned), water, salt and black pepper. The economy dictated the KISS method. Traditional sauce will never have fried (browned) hamburger, catsup, chili powder (the cumin in chili powder makes it southwest sauce), or garlic. I’m not saying these ingredients are not good in it, they are just not traditional!

    Here is my adaptation of a commercial hotdog sauce from a hotdog stand in Weston, WV:

    6 C water
    2 lbs. hamburger
    1 t. salt
    2 Tbsp. freshly ground pepper
    1 Tbsp. red pepper flakes (more or less to taste)
    1 29 oz. tomato puree
    1 Tbsp. paprika
    1/2 C. finely chopped onion

    Mix beef by hand in water and bring to boil.

    (Less traditional but healthier: boil one hour, drain water, remove grease, return water to pot)

    Add all ingredients and simmer often until sauce is thickened.

    Chuck in Fairmont

    • says

      Thank you Chuck…that sounds like what I want a good Old Wv. recipe of hot dog sauce..no where
      else in the states except WV. has sauce like we do…if we would go to their states and make this we would make a killing…thank you and God Bless West By God Virginia…we have the most beautiful
      state ….of anyone….

    • La Donna Brumage Fox says

      Thank you Chuck, I just made your chili receipt. It was just like I remembered. I am going to serve it in my snack bar in OH. I am from Fairmont, WV also. My dad lives there now. His name is Jake. If you know him give him a shoot out.

      I love it.
      La Donna

  7. Sue says

    I’m from Clarksburg WV and have also been looking for the all time favorite WV hotdog sauce.. there is no other like it anywhere… not sure it is the same in WV as I have moved to a state that knows nothing of good ol’ hotdog sauce… I have come close a couple of times but still not the same…

  8. Matt and Rita says

    We asked for the recipe of George Andersons Hotdog Sauce from Weston West Virginia, and our cousin Bill still had it and gave it to us.

    George Anderson’s Hot Dog Sauce

    . 3 lbs ground beef
    . 2 tablespoons chili powder
    . 1 tablespoon salt
    . 1 tablespoon hot pepper sauce
    . 2 tablespoons raw unions
    . 1 teaspoon garlic
    . 1/2 can (use contadina tomato paste can) vinegar
    . 1 small can contadina tomato paste

    mix together, add water to thin, cook slowly until thick, approximately 3 to 4 hours.

    We also make the whole batch in one time and freeze in small portions.

      • says

        Hi Vanessa!

        Contain is a brand of tomato paste. Add the tomato paste to the pot, then use the can to measure the vinegar. Just a note, Contadina is a bit sweeter than Hunt’s brand. I hope that helps.

    • Walt Vickers (Wayne) says

      I live in Tampa Fl. area now, but was raised on the westside of Charleston.
      My father would take us to a restaurant next to the Diner on Summers street.
      Hotdog were 6 for a $1. The sauce and cole slaw was all you needed.
      That was 55 years ago.
      This hotdog sauce is the best I’ve in at least 45 years.


  9. Brad says

    My parents were both from the Fairmont area of West Virginia and I remember going to Lupo’s in Fairmont as a kid……best hotdogs ever!! Later in life my sister went back for a visit and I had her try to buy a quart of the sauce, freeze it and bring it back to Texas. Nope….wouldn’t sell it like that. I’ve experimented forever trying to replicate the sauce, I can get close but no cigar. If anyone out there remembers Lupo’s diner and has an inkling of all the ingredients in his sauce this Texan would be but very grateful!!

    • Roger says

      I’m from Morgantown and remember Lupo’s. I go by the store front every month or so and remember the ‘ol days. too bad its no longer open

  10. Kathryn Golden Morris says

    What a cool find here! My dad who is now 76 just told me about saving his money as a child to go to Weston WV to buy Anderson’s hot dogs at .08 each, he got them 2 at a time he said, and ate as many as he could afford, up to his record of 6! lol He said that when he had his appendix out, the coach at Jane Lew High told his team that when they ‘cut Albert Paul’ open a couple of hot dogs fell out! I cannot wait to surprise him with this hot dog sauce recipe. We have a place here in Greensboro NC ‘Yum Yum’s’ which he thinks is pretty close to Anderson’s in Weston and we just got him a hot dog the other day for $1.76 which he refuses to pay! lol Thanks for the memories!

  11. Carol says

    I have an older recipe from a church cookbook from Charleston WV from the 80’s but there is no telling how old it really is. I, too, no longer live in the area and cannot believe the people here who think hot dog chili is the same as ‘soup chili’! I will give the recipe as listed, the my version, or a quicker, smaller amount!

    3 lbs ground beef
    1 (6 oz) can tomato paste
    1 (15 oz) can tomato sauce
    5 T chili powder
    3 T sugar
    1 t vinegar
    2 T minced onion
    1/2 t black pepper
    1 t salt
    4 C water
    dash garlic salt

    Brown ground beef and put in food processor or blender. Combine remaining ingredients and cook for 1 our on low heat. This is enough for about 200 hot dogs

    My Version:

    First of all, I cook larger amounts of ground round in plenty of water (about 1 cup per pound of meat). I drain and wash with very hot water and divide up into approximately 1 pound portions and freeze. I can then pull these out for any groud meat recipe.

    I saute some chopped onion (about 1/4 C) in a tsp of olive oil and add a half tsp or so of minced garlic. Turn heat down and add 1 T of sugar, 3 T of chili powder (less if you don’t want it so warm!), 1/8 t of black pepper, one of the 1 pound portions of ground round, a few drops of vinegar and about 2/3 of a 6 oz can of tomato paste. I add enough water to be able to stir this. You want it to be watery. Turn heat down to simmer and let it simmer until ready to serve (at least about 30 mins). You can add water if it gets too dry or allow to cook down if it is too watery to serve. This is a better amount for family use than the 200 hot dog size! It also allows me to eliminate som or all the added salt.

  12. Mike Johnson says

    I grew up in Morgantown and remember Freddie’s bar on Beechchurch (sp) ave as having the best chili slaw dog in the world. Gene’s in second ward was a very close second. If anyone out there has the chili recipe from Freddie’s I would sure appreciate you sharing it. I have lived in Texas since I was 18 and no one here has ever come close.

  13. Dan says

    West Virginia Hotdog Chili
    (No tomato paste/sauce in recipe but through tests we liked tomato paste to taste)

    1/2 cup shortening
    2 TBSP. onions, chopped
    2 cloves garlic, chopped
    5 lbs. ground beef
    1 1/2 TBSP. paprika
    2 1/2 TBSP. chili powder
    1 1/2 TBSP. black pepper
    1 TBSP. cayenne pepper (can use 1/2 TBSP. – 2 TBSP.)
    2 TBSP. salt
    2 1/2 TBSP. ground cumin
    1 tsp. ground cinnamon
    1/2 – 1 cup cracker meal

    Saute meat, garlic and onions till browned, drain
    Add spices, stir well
    Add about a quart of water and cook over low heat for 3-4 hours
    Add a little water occasionally to keep from sticking
    When chili is cooked, remove from heat and add 1/2 to 1 cup of cracker meal & stir well
    Another trick that you can do is place the pot in the bottom of the kitchen sink and run an electric hand ixer around briefly – this makes for a finer ground meat texture & is closer to the “real thing”
    After the first batch you will learn to vary (slightly) the blend of peppers and cumin…the cinnamon is critical but your chili should never have a cinnamon taste.

    • SteveO says

      I’m from Charleston and I used to get my hotdogs at Chris’ on the west side. I don’t think they have any tomato sauce in their chili, so I’m going to give this one a try for the 4th of July party.

  14. doug Minor says

    I have been traveling around the country for several years now as a travel RN. I have treid many many hotdogs in my time. I believe in a true west virginia Dog sauce, to get that unmistakeable taste is to not brown the meat. Browning the meat changes the taste. and the KISS principle is best. HillBilly hotdog does it up right. I can honestly say I have had no better dog or sauce than there. Also no ketchup in the sauce either. Many people are also under the impression that sauce means chilli. This is an honest mistake for those not raised on a true WV dog. A good slaw and sauce makes the Dog. also never microwave a dog. thats just gross. LOL
    My own recipe is very similar to those above no cumin though but I do ass a teaspoon of cinnamon. gives it that hey whats that flavor kinda thing. LOL and garlic.

  15. Tamara says

    I’m so excited to find this thread! I’m from Wheeling, WV and I miss authentic hot dog chili! Being military overseas it is difficult to find the things of home that we love. I am making some chili dogs tonight! Thank you so much!!!!!!

  16. Jeannie Root Schaad says

    I grew up in Manningtons , WV. There was a place on Rt. 250 called big Annie’s. Best WV hot dogs I have ever tasted. My dad used to stop and bring home a box of them. If anyone knows of this recipe please let me know. Been looking for years. Thanks

  17. MEOMIO says

    Thanks for the recipies, I’m from Connecticut and when I was young a family from WV came to town and we became close friends. Every time we had a cookout the mom would make the best HOT DOG MEAT SAUCE. To this day it was the greatest meat sauce (not chili) I ever had. It was incredibly distinct and different from the Chili or Chili sauces that I grew up with. While looking on-line for Hot Dog meat sauce’s for an up-comng picnic I was wondering if I could find and make the same sauce that would take me back to my childhood. I was hoping their was a special WV style meat sauce for Hot Dogs. Wow, I could not believe I found someone asking for a WV Hot Dog meat sauce. My dream has come true, their is a special WV Hot Dog meat sauce and wil try all the versions untill I find the one I remember – and I will know as soon as I try it. While I will never be able to duplicate our friends version I will do my best in her memory. Can’t wait to get srtarted.

  18. Sherry says

    I have never eaten WV hot dog sauce that had a chili powder taste, nor did it ever have a hot spicy taste. Where are the old recipes!

  19. Vanessa says

    I can’t wait to try some of these recipes! I’m from Clarksburg and my parents are from Shinnston/Lumberport area. We would go to Sissler’s outside of Shinnston on our way home to Ohio back in the 70’s. The last 10 years or so we’ve been going to T&L’s in Shinnston. Sometimes we make day trips to WV just to get hot dogs and pepperoni rolls! There is no other sauce than WV hot dog sauce. My dad still complains that there is no where in Ohio that makes them like they do. He tells of the stories of the hot dog place in Lumberport that he’d get hot dogs. Can’t remember the price but they were ridiculous cheap.. but that was in the 50’s maybe? I’d love that one of these recipes would make him happy!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  20. SteveP says

    Well I see we have a few WV HotDog sauce officianado’s commenting. There are a few standards that we can all agree on. 1) ITS CALLED SAUCE NOT CHILLI. 2) If it “piled on” then its to thick 3) Every WV community had a hot dog stand with the best hotdog sauce. and 4) Sonic sucks. I have eaten at many of these places listed in here. ONE that comes to mind is Gene’s in Morgantown. WOW they were great and he could make em fast and the draft beer was ice cold. I Remember going there after the Pitt game in 76. The Mounties beat Pitt in the last 15 seconds on a field goal. Tony Dorsett’s senior year and Bobby Bowden’s last year at WVU. Sunnyside lit up thatnight!! The point is that there are a lot of non food ingredients in hot dogs that make them the best. Family, friends, driveins, cars, pinball machines, sports are all ingredients in good hotdog sauce. I am fixing a batch of my favorite for my mother-in-laws 87th birthday. She made hotdog sauce for Annettes Drive Inn in West Hamlin for many years. Try all the recipes posted here….there are some good ones. Dont be suprised though when its not quite as good as what you remember…the non food ingredients cant be duplicated.

      • Roger says

        My Grandmother lived in Junior,WV. I think her recipe is the authentic WV recipe from way back. She would be over a hundred years old by now. She passed away in the 70’s.

        2 lbs hamburger
        3 or 4 chopped onions
        1 small bottle of catsup
        1 tablespoon of mustard
        1 quart of tomato juice
        Chili powder, salt and pepper to taste
        Mix all together and cook 2 to 3 hours

        Hamburger should be very fine when done.

    • Chet says

      Gene’s was great. I liked Yanns and Cosmopolitan also great chili sauce. The hilltop also made great dogs

    • connie c says

      If you could the recipe for Annette hot dog sauce would be great grew in Hamlin also going for Annette hot dogs’m

  21. Bill says

    Sissonville , West Virginia had the best Hot Dogs served at Sisson,s Lunch(Pauline Sisson Owner)
    She had long past, but the memories still linger . Her Hot Dog chili was known far and wide as being the very best. Those were the days.

  22. Kyle Johnson says

    I live a few miles down route 2 from the Original Hillbilly Hotdogs….Here in Huntington…So..I’ve had their food many times.. I’ve been checkin out all of these delicious recipes and ALL are really close to what they serve there. I’m askin though, where’s the grape jelly?? None of these recipes has grape jelly or any kinda beef base to em….Not telling how I make mine..lol (cause even I can’t remember half the time). It’s just sumthin I noticed.. BON APPETITE!!

  23. Mark David Smith says

    My parents and their(our) family were from Clarksburg/Bridgeport WV. I recall mom and dad getting “chillidogs” from Staley. We moved from WV to NJ back in the mid 60’s. I always grew up to Chilidogs, Pepperoni Rolls, and Beans on Corn Bread with onions and pepper.In NJ, I was fed typical NJ food, clams, crabs,lobster and of course pizza, and coney dogs with a mystery red sauce from neighbors. Of all the great food I was exposed to, all my buddies and adult friends of my folks wanted my mom’s chilidogs.and her pepperoni rolls. When mom passed in 98, I lost her chili recipe. I have tried a few on this site. I do remembeer chilipowder, Cumin, Black Pepper,Garlic Salt on the counter a bunch. She also always wrapped the dogs in wax paper. The routine was make the sauce, bun, dog, yellow mustard, chili, diced onions, black pepper, then wrap in wax paper and let sit for a few minutes. Anyone else familiar with that routine? I can’t eat them any other way.

    • Mike says

      I lived in Bridgeport WV as a kid and absolutely loved the chili dogs from Andy’s Hot Dog Stand in Bridgeport. 10 cents a piece in the early 60’s. My dad would gather us up, go to Andy’s and get a dozen hot dogs. We’d go out to Bennedum airport on summer nights where there was a few picnic tables to watch the airplanes land and eat hot dogs. Good memories and GREAT hot dogs. I’ve been experimenting with recipes for the last several years trying to come up with a reasonable facsimile. Like some of the others on the blog post, I feel like I’m close, but not there yet. I wonder if anyone else remembers Andy’s Hot Dog Stand. I plan to try the recipes listed here and appreciate finding this post.

      • jim baker says

        I remember Andy’s … high school lunches! But in summertime, it was chili dogs from Dairy Queen! They made their own chili which got them in trouble with the DQ Corp, but they used it anyway, for many years. Best ever!

  24. Darlene Takacs says

    I was born in Waynesburg Pa.Don’t know if anyone remembers JIMMIES LUNCH.Had the best hotdog sauce.Anyone know who might have the recipe?

    • Erin Bolen says

      Howdy…my grandfather Dale Kennedy use to take me there for dogs when I was a kid….my grandmother had a printing shop near there Strosniders printing….oh and malted shakes from…oh crap I forgot the name of the drug store who sold them…

  25. Len Peeler says

    Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s my grandfather would take me to the “newsstand” on main street in Salem, WV to get their chili dogs. They were delicious! I would love to be able to taste those hot dogs again.

  26. B says

    Yann’s in Fairmont, wv has the best hot dog sauce ever. A little spicy, but awesome. If you go in there, don’t ever ask for ketchup cuz that old man will give you a tongue lashing. Anyone know of a recipe close to his??

  27. Pam says

    In the early 60’s an Eckerd Drug Store in Greenville, SC had a lunch counter that served the BEST hotdog sauce. I do not believe it had chili powder in it, but it was red, so most likely ketchup. Does any one remember that or have sauce receipt? I am going to experiment with some of the above.

  28. Roger says

    does anyone have the recipe for chilli dogs from the Parkway Drive in in west logan wva or from the old coney island in downtown logan

    • Terri Overbeck says

      I might be able to get it. My dad grew up in Logan. We were there last weekend. They gave the recipe to dad long ago

    • Terri Overbeck says

      Parkway hotdog sauce

      5lb hamburger
      1/2 bottle horseradish sauce
      12oz bottle chili sauce
      3tablespoons chili powder
      1cup water
      1qt chopped onions
      1tablespoon paprika
      1teaspoon salt

      Place ingredients in pan and simmer for several hours. Break up the ground beef as it cooks. Add water as necessary. Can also be done in crock pot. Steam buns. Put mustard on hot dog, then chili, onions, and slaw. Yum!

  29. Sue says

    This comes from the 30/40s. My Mother handed it down to me. She obtained it from a man who sold hotdogs on the streets of Salem, WV where she grew up. It is extremely simple. There isn’t a set recipe. We’ve always made to taste.
    3 to 5 lbs ground beef
    2 to 3 onions diced very fine
    Large size chili powder
    2 large jars or cans tomato juice
    Salt & pepper to taste

    In large pot brown hamburger over low heat , covered, for at least 1 hour. Stir occasionally and crumble well. The meat needs to be very finely crumbled. Drain majority of grease.

    Add onion and continue to cook covered for an additional hour.

    Add about half of the chili powder and continue cooking covered for an hour.

    Add tomato juice to cover by 2 inches and continue cooking covered over medium low heat for at least 4 hours. After first hour, when it has reduced, add salt & pepper to taste. Stir occasionally and add tomato juice as it reduces and becomes too dry. Taste each time juice is added and add additional chili powder, salt & pepper to taste.

    The original recipe was supposedly cooked over a 24 hour period but we’ve shortened the time. I sometimes add a little minced or powdered garlic. It freezes extremely well. I know it is very simple but everyone who tries it always asks for the recipe.

  30. Kathy says

    As a child, my husband lived in Ewing, VA and returned there off and on as a young man. There was a drive in/diner there that served hot dogs with a sauce that he really wants to find. He said it came in a tube or roll, kind of like a roll of sausage (Tennessee Pride, his favorite). From reading these other posts, I would think they would have made their own sauce, but he said no. If anyone knows the name of that sauce and if it’s still available, I’d love to surprise him with it.

  31. cathy says

    I am looking for the recipe of Minnie Cooks hot dog sauce from the Spot restaurant
    in Harrisville WV

    if anyone knows it I would greatly appreciate it.

  32. Susan says

    Anyone have the recipe for the hotdog sauce at Hometown Hot Dogs in Star City, WV. We love it and want to make it at home. I know they boil the hamburger….they do not use cumin and do not use cinnamon. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  33. pam says

    looking for the hot dog sauce recipie , form the Tom and Walt bar in Smithville wv on rt 20, the best hot dog sauce ever…..

  34. Sharon says

    I grew up in Elkins, WV in the 50’s and 60’s and loved the hot dog’s from Lanham’s. Anyone have the recipe for Lanham’s hot dog sauce? The absolute best I have ever tasted!

  35. jerry turner says

    does anyone remember Union Lunch in Fairmont WV? They were there in the forties and fifties. best hotdog I ever ate! I live in Ohio now and they don’t know what a good hotdog is. When we go back to Fairmont we allways stop in at Woodies on the East side they make a pretty good hotdog.

    • Rick Little says

      My Dad took me there in the 50’s. I loved their dogs, but they also had a fish sandwich, that they put onions and hotdog sauce on

  36. imanurseontheside says

    Wow! Seems we are all passionate about our hotdog sauce :) Good slaw and you have the perfect hot dog
    I was fortunate to have some of Pearl’s sauce (Annete’s) a few months ago – and while I always thought mine was great, Pearl’s sauce is the gold standard by which all sauce should be measured…yep…it IS that good. It is truly the iconic WV hotdog sauce we are all trying to duplicate

  37. Sherry says

    There was a place in Naugatuck WV called Ford’s Drive-in that had the best hot dog sauce I’ve ever eaten. It was open in the 60’s and 70’s.

  38. Cassandra Tomblin says

    I am looking for the recipes to the old Coney sland In Logan wv, for their hotdog chili sauce and their coleslaw…I loved their slawburgers and I am wanting to try my hand at it! I miss eating there when I was little! If anyone can help me,I would greatly appreciate it!

  39. Kelly says

    I’m looking for a homemade hot dog sauce similar it’s boiled but I know there was crackers mixed with the meat and sauce and it has cumin in it . It was the best I’ve had !

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