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Why I’m Growing Tomato Plants In My Yard

Why we grow our own tomatoes each year and how we do it.

I just came in from planting 35 little tomato plants in the garden. I love being able to grow my own tomatoes each year. We started growing tomato plants a few weeks ago from seed and they finally grew big enough to be planted outside. And now the hard part starts… waiting for them to keep […]

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Tomato Dumpling Stew

One of our readers was looking for a recipe for stewed tomatoes with dumplings.  The following is the recipe a commenter suggested, but I tweaked it a little (major difference is reducing the sugar quite a bit.)  You can also use fresh tomatoes, diced up with liquid from the tomatoes reserved.  If you do, you […]

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Tomato Pie Recipe

Here’s a recipe from my latest Kindle book The Tomato Cookbook: Tomato Recipes From Soup To Grilled. It’s a great little tomato pie that’s perfect for a light lunch or an appetizer when you have guests over. What better way to show off your homegrown tomatoes? I love this recipe because it is so simple. […]

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