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Turkey Dressing Pie

Turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into a delicious turkey and dressing casserole. My favorite dish the day after

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought I’d share my favorite dish to make with the leftovers. We traditionally have this either Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving, but if you’re tired of eating the same food, you can freeze the dressing, and cooked turkey and make later. Don’t try freezing the gravy though… it […]

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How To Roast A Turkey

I remember my first Thanksgiving as a solo cook. My husband and I were newly wed and had just moved away from family. I was determined to cook him a perfect Thanksgiving meal. I was on the phone with my mother-in-law daily to figure out how to do this. In the end. We had a […]

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Stuffing Cakes With Turkey

Thanksgiving is over and we’re all starting to get a little tired of eating leftovers. It’s time to get creative and recombine ingredients to come up with something different and new. This year I started experimenting with stuffing cakes. Think of them as crab cakes with a Thanksgiving twist. Of course we’re keeping it frugal […]

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Frugal Thanksgiving Shopping Tips

The following is a short excerpt from the Hillbilly Housewife Thanksgiving Planner available from Amazon. I hope you find my frugal shopping tips helpful as you prepare for Thanksgiving.  Shopping for Thanksgiving Dinner can put quite a dent into your grocery budget for that week (or even all of November.) Below you’ll find some of […]

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A Potluck Thanksgiving – Frugal Tip

Do you want to know my biggest secret to a successful Thanksgiving dinner that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg? It also happens to keep me from stressing out and spending 3 days in the kitchen. Best of all, it’s a lot of fun for everyone involved… it’s a Potluck Thanksgiving. I have spend […]

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How To Thaw A Turkey – Frugal Tip

If you’ve been shopping for a turkey, you know that it’s a lot cheaper to buy it frozen than fresh. There are also lots more options when you go frozen. Since it’s the more frugal option, let’s talk about some of the best ways to go about thawing a turkey. If You Have Plenty Of […]

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Frugal Thanksgiving Decorations

Here's how to decorate for Thanksgiving without breaking the bank.

Since Thanksgiving in the US is just a few days away, I thought I’d share some of my favorite frugal Thanksgiving decorating tips. It doesn’t take much to make a pretty center piece or some mantle decorations. Use what you already have on hand or take a stroll around the yard and pick up some […]

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