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Tater Cakes Recipe

Stack of Potato Cakes

My husband has been talking about what he calls a tater cake – not made with mashed potatoes more like hash browns and onion among other things – Does anybody have a really tasty recipe? Thanks! Tina From the Hillbilly Housewife: It sounds like you’re looking for a potato cake recipe.  It uses grated potatoes, […]

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Microwaving Potatoes – Frugal Tip

Let’s talk about potatoes today. They are a great frugal staple. You can buy them inexpensively, or if you’re so inclined you can also easily grow them in your yard. I prefer to buy them and use my limited gardening space to grow more expensive foods (herbs, lettuce, tomatoes etc.). I always have a bag […]

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Herb Roasted Potatoes

I love roasted potatoes. They are quick and easy to make, pretty frugal and by changing up the herbs you use (or don’t use) in this recipe, they can taste different every time you make them. Of course you can vary the potatoes as well. I made this with sweet potatoes a few weeks ago […]

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