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Southern Collard Greens

You've gotta try cooking collards from scratch. Such a tasty treat and surprisingly easy to make.

Around here it’s a tradition to eat Collard Greens on New Year’s Day. But don’t stop there. These delicious leafy green vegetables cooked in crispy bacon with some onion, garlic and spices are delicious all winter long. Put on a pot of these, let them cook for a good 2 hours and make sure you […]

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Frugal Thanksgiving Shopping Tips

The following is a short excerpt from the Hillbilly Housewife Thanksgiving Planner available from Amazon. I hope you find my frugal shopping tips helpful as you prepare for Thanksgiving.  Shopping for Thanksgiving Dinner can put quite a dent into your grocery budget for that week (or even all of November.) Below you’ll find some of […]

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Holiday Sausages in Homemade Barbecue Sauce

I’m sure you’ve come across a variation of this recipe or tasted something similar at a potluck. This little smoked sausages in barbecue sauce make a perfect holiday treat. You can serve them right away, or pour everything into a slow cooker to keep warm. Either way they are very delicious and always a crowd […]

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