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Super Easy Ways To Grow Your Own Food

Since the Tasty Bite about regrowing veggies from kitchen scraps was such a big hit, I thought I’d share another great article on easy gardening. I love the idea behind this post on ridiculously easy ways to grow your own food. I couldn’t believe how easy some of these ideas are. Did you know you […]

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Regrowing Veggies From Scrap

You know I’m all about cooking from scratch, but did you know you can also grow from scrap? Kitchen scraps that is. I’ve experimented a little bit with this using celery and can attest that it works really well. You won’t grow a full plant, but there’s plenty of fresh new food to add to […]

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Gardening Isn’t Just For Spring

Walk into any home improvement center in the spring and you’ll find an abundance of fruit, vegetable and herb plants ready to be planted. Late in the summer, when school is about to start back up, there is nothing edible to be found in those same stores. And that’s really a shame. As you know […]

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