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Does Bacon Grease Need To Be Refrigerated

Tips for using and storing bacon grease or bacon drippings.

Bacon used to be a cheap breakfast meat, but no more. Over the past few years, it has gone up quite a bit in price. Of course I’m still bacon, because …. well, it’s bacon and it tastes amazing. I don’t think it needs any more explaining than that. We’re still eating bacon regularly, but […]

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Facebook Frugal Tip Giveaway

Being frugal has become downright fashionable these days.  There are so many great ways to make the money last longer that I’d like to hear from you about how you help stretch the family budget and make the dollars go further. In honor of Smart Money Week, I thought it would be appropriate to have […]

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Tips From 8 Frugal Experts – Free Report

I have another free report for you today. A few weeks ago I got together with 7 friends who also blog and share frugal advice. We each contributed a chapter to the report you can download below. Christine Steendahl shared some menu planning tips. Crystal Collins explains how you can eat organic on a budget. […]

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Small Frugal Tips That Add Up

A lot of small frugal things we do around here don’t seem to make a lot of difference at first. I often hear (and read) people comment “So What… you saved 10 cents, big deal”. But you know what, when you implement all these various small frugal tips and make them habits that you stick […]

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