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How Long Will Hard Boiled Eggs Keep?

How long will hard boiled eggs last and how should you store them.

I shared my Simple Snacks Ideas the other day and got a great question in the comments. Jennifer asks: “How long are refrigerated boiled eggs safe to eat. I write the date on the shell in pencil when I boil them, but don’t cook more than 7-8 at a time because I’m not sure about […]

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How Fresh Are Your Eggs – Frugal Tip

Sometimes recipes call for fresh eggs or older eggs. There are some things that just work out better depending on the age of your eggs. For example, if you’re making poached eggs, you want to make sure you’re using eggs that are as fresh as possible. If you’re making hard boiled eggs on the other […]

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Denver Omelet Recipe

When we go out for breakfast (which we don’t do very often), I love getting  a Denver Omelet. There’s just something about the combination of eggs, ham, cheese and bell peppers. It also makes a very substantial meal that will keep you going. I recently started making it at home and thought I’d share the […]

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How To Freeze Eggs – Frugal Tip

We go through a lot of eggs around here. They are cheap, full of protein and you can fix them into all sorts of different dishes for any meal of the day. Every once in a while I find myself with too many eggs in the fridge or I come across a sale that’s too […]

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