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Super Easy Ways To Grow Your Own Food

Since the Tasty Bite about regrowing veggies from kitchen scraps was such a big hit, I thought I’d share another great article on easy gardening. I love the idea behind this post on ridiculously easy ways to grow your own food. I couldn’t believe how easy some of these ideas are. Did you know you […]

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Let’s Talk About Eggs

I love eggs. They are my favorite breakfast food and a great inexpensive source of protein. They are also incredibly versatile. You can boil them, scramble them, fry them, use them as a filling ingredient of casseroles, make an omelet,  add them to salads, use them in soup (egg drop soup anyone?), or hard boil […]

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Regrowing Veggies From Scrap

You know I’m all about cooking from scratch, but did you know you can also grow from scrap? Kitchen scraps that is. I’ve experimented a little bit with this using celery and can attest that it works really well. You won’t grow a full plant, but there’s plenty of fresh new food to add to […]

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