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Oven Barbecued Chicken

Oven Baked BBQ Chicken - quick and easy dinner.

Are you looking for something quick and easy to fix for dinner? I’ve got you covered. We love this recipe. The chicken is delicious for dinner, but also makes for great leftovers. You can also do the same thing with thin pork chops. Just as tasty and easy to make. 3 pounds chicken legs &/OR […]

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Baked BBQ Chicken

Whenever one of our local stores has chicken leg/thigh quarters, (10 lb. bags), on sale, I stock up. I divide the chicken pieces,(from one 10 lb. bag), up into three freezer bags, for three different meals. One of our favorite meals is “Baked BBQ Chicken”, and thankfully, it’s a super frugal meal! You will need: […]

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