Quick Tea

I used to use an electric teapot or use a coffee maker, but my sister shared an easy-cheaper way.

Take a quart mason jar (a canning jar) and fill with water. Microwave on high for till almost boiling-on our MW we use 5 min and 55 sec. Open the MW door and gently add a 1 quart teabag. put a lid on and close the door an allow to steep, 5 min if needing right away, but you can just leave it. Then proceed as usual adding sugar or water to make this a 2 qt pitcher.

To stretch this further take the used tea bag and place in the canning jar and fill half full. MW for 3min and 33 seconds and place a jar lid on and let steep. This can be added to the pitcher, but do not dilute this tea.

Makes 2 and 1/2 qts of tea without heating your kitchen and the jar can be used over and over without washing.

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