No Sew Festive Draft Dodgers

We live in a beautiful old house that has great architecture. High ceilings, big drop-weighted windows and an exposed brick wall. Sounds gorgeous until November hits and all the little drafts start cropping up!

So I decided to make some draft dodgers. I looked at patterns, then I remembered that I’m hopeless at sewing!

I wanted something that wouldn’t be embarrassing to have guests see, would be affordable and would be festive for any season- and cheap too!

So I came up with no-sew draft dodgers. You’ll need ziploc bags (2 for each dodger), a decorative towel (1 for each dodger) and some sort of filler (we use cheap kitty litter). You will also need pretty ribbon or yarn.

Take a ziploc baggie and fill with litter to a depth of about an inch or so. If you add too much it will be hard to roll later, so experiment. Fill a second baggie and then set them aside.

Take your decorative towel and lay it out, pretty side down with the long edge facing you. Lay the bags of litter flat (get out all the air you can) along the near seam of the towel’s long side. Create a small tab of fabric over the edge of the baggies and then roll up the edge of the towel and continue on until you have a little ‘draft log’.

Take a section of ribbon and tie a bow/knot tightly on the end- about an inch in so it looks like a piece of hard candy wrapped in paper. Repeat this on the other side of the ‘draft log’.

These are short, if using hand towels, for longer towels use more baggies for the ‘draft log’.

They are so cute around the house. I even put a few on the window sashes and they look perfect for the holiday season. The towels can be changed out if they get dirty or it’s time for a season/decoration change.

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