Christmas Season

Good Evening,

I hope everyone is celebrating a wonderful Christmas season! For our family, it just started! The traditional Christmas season is between Christmas Eve and the Epiphany, January 7th. We use the “12 Days of Christmas” to celebrate – putting our tree up on Christmas Eve, listening to holiday music, watching the recorded Christmas specials, etc. We buy all the things we need to celebrate on clearance because most everyone else is finished! We find gingerbread house kits, cookie sprinkles, holiday CDs and DVDs, etc. for more than 1/2 off the original prices!

So just wait a little longer than our American culture tells us to wait! Our children love it because they don’t have to wait very long between decorating the tree and opening gifts! And, they have a clear idea of when the holiday starts and ends!

Merry Christmas!
Take care,

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