Cheap And Healthy Dog Food

This is not only healthier for dogs (it doesn’t have any corn products in it) but it is so cheap! Got the idea from Grandma. I make a big batch and keep it in the fridge. We use white rice in a 50lb bag from Sam’s Club and it lasts months.

Just cook your rice in a rice cooker or on the stovetop in a pot big enough for a 1:2 ratio of rice and water (water can be substituted for water used to boil potatoes or okra or other veggies or bones). When the water starts boiling turn it down to low so it doesn’t burn and cook until it soaks up the water. You want your rice to soak up as much water as possible without being too ‘watery’ when finished.

For protein add soaked dry beans to cook with the rice or pick up some bone dust from your local butcher shop. Ask them to save it for you. We use beef only. It’s free for us but should be cheap seeing as it gets thrown out anyway. Freeze what you won’t use within a week. Dissolve your bone dust in one cup of water per however many dry cups of rice you’re cooking and add to rice (it will be soupy).

For a veggie I like to go out into the yard and pick dandelions which I wash and chop and add to the finished rice which should still be hot so as to not overcook the leaves. Pretty much anything green will work, turnip greens bought from the store during snow season is cheapest.

We also buy a big bag of GOOD dog food at the Family Center or on sale and give them a small amount everyday with their rice for additional nutrients.

Make it stretch: add chopped potato peels, chopped carrot peels, and leftovers that aren’t going bad but maybe you’ve had for too long to eat yourself. Mix it all in with the rice.

We have two 65lb dogs and this saves us a lot of money. Adjust the amounts of all ingredients for the needs of your dog.

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