Tips On How To Store Basil In The Kitchen For Quick Use Video

How to store Basil video
Looking for a few ways to keep your Basil from wilting or going bad before you get to use it? This video will show you four ways to extend the live of your precious Basil leaves.

1: Just take the stems of the Basil leaves and dip in cool water. Placing the cup with Basil in the refrigerator will increase storage time a little longer.

2: Break up the shoots and stems and place in a small container. Submerge the stems completely in olive oil. In a week or two you now have Basil flavored oil.

3: Keep a small pot of growing Basil in the kitchen window to always have some fresh within and arm’s reach.

4: Wrap cut Basil leaves that have not been washed in plastic cling wrap to seal up. Place in refrigerator to add to storage time.

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