How to make DIY Cleaning and Disinfectant Wipes at Home Video

DIY disinfectant Cleaning Wipes
She shows us how to make your own DIY frugal household cleaning wipes in a simple and easy to make way.

Start buy using use any kind of cleaning product you have around the house to make these. You can go with an easily found (and green) solution of white vinegar and water. Also you shoud add a small amount of bleach and make them disinfectant wipes.

One good thing about these DIY wipes is how durable they are. She has been using these around her house for various clean up jobs, and she thinks they might be a good addition to her camping gear. Sometimes when camping, you just need a good, strong wipe for cleaning up camper stains.

As opposed to buying more wipes, in the future, you can recycling containers and continue making your own wipes.

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