5 Quick And Simple Kitchen Tips Video To Make Cooking Easier

Stop pot from boiling over
Some easy to do kitchen help ideas that will make some of your daily tasks much simpler to accomplish.

Tip 1: Dave shows us how to save money by refiling spice jars with bulk packets then using the box in came in to make a label.

Tip 2: How to safely start a malfunctioning gas burner by using a stick of spaghetti.

Tip 3: How to use plastic drink bottles to make dry food storage containers at no cost.

Tip 4: How to keep your cookbook clean and well displayed for easy reading by using a garment hanger.

Tip 5: How to keep boiling pots from overflowing and messing up your burners by useing a wooden spoon.

I have personally tried them all of the kitchen help tips out out myself and can confirm they all work in most situations.

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