Exploring Fall Farmers Markets

"The Season's Freshest Flavors Direct From Farm To Market"

It seems like we're all trying to find ways to eat healthier and prepare foods that aren't naturally found inside a box. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is one of the best ways to introduce healthy eating to your family.

One of my favorite places to purchase fruits and vegetables is at my local farmer's market.

Fall Farmers Market

By shopping locally at a farmer's market, I know that I'm getting produce that is both in season and more flavorful because it wasn't picked in advance only to ripen in a warehouse prior to being shipped the grocery store.

Finding a farmers' market in your area is good for your community, the environment, and your family's health. Food that goes from farm to table is the best you can do for a nutritious and delicious meal.

There are so many reasons why you'll want to take a trip to your local farmers' market this Fall:

  • Fresh Fruit & Vegetables grown at local farms.
  • The ability to purchase organically grown produce.
  • Ripened on the vine, tree, bush, etc. rather than in a warehouse.

  • Organic options.
  • Getting items that are local to you cheaper than store prices.


Here's How You Can Get The Most Out Of Exploring Fall Farmers' Markets

Become a Locavore

This simply that you consume locally grown food and use locally produced products, or at least try to remain within a certain radius from home.

Eat For Your Health

Food that is grown near you is believed to help your body fight off allergens. Therefore, by eating local food, you are helping your body develop antibodies that will help fight off the allergens.

Help the Local Economy

Not only will your body thank you for eating local, but you also have the power to help sustain small businesses that count on you to keep going.

Enjoy the Freshness

If you have never tasted produce that was picked off the vine or tree just a few hours earlier, you don't know what you are missing. When a fruit or vegetable is picked when it is ripe rather than hoping that it ripens on the truck, you get a superior taste.

Enhance Your Nutritional Intake

It is amazing how much of a fruit or vegetable's nutrients develop during the ripening stage while still attached to the plant. By pulling your food from the ground or off the vine before it is ripe, you are losing out on nutrients your body counts on to maintain its health your health!

So, you see, eating local is more than just a fad... it is a way of life. There is nothing more delicious, nutritious, healthy, and economy-boosting than being a locavore in your very own hometown.


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Farmers Market

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