Homemade Convenience Foods

"Save Time And Money With These Simple To Make Mixes and Recipes"

In our busy lives, we naturally look for ways to economize on time, and one of those ways is with convenience foods. When we think of convenience foods, we typically think of prepared and packaged foods which are easy to grab and go. This can be anything from a quick stop at a drive-thru to throwing a box, bag, or jar of dinner in the microwave at home.

But, these time-saving dishes are very often not what we want in a meal. Convenience is fine, but at what cost? When you leave the fast-food place, are you happy with the choices you made, both for your budget and for your health? And, frankly, that grocery store cart loaded with prepackaged, nutritionally questionable foods isn't much better.

What if you could have all that convenience right at home? Wouldn't you love to open the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry and find everything you need to make a quick meal without breaking your grocery budget? And, how would you like to be able to eliminate all those additives in the convenience foods you're now buying?

 Homemade Convenience Foods To The Rescue!

Homemade Convenience Foods 

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With Homemade Convenience Foods, you simply grab a box or jar out of your pantry or fridge and use it to prepare dinner, make a snack or a cup of soup.

Yes, that's all it took! And it can work for you too . . .

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things
You'll Discover Inside And Put To Work Right Away

 What foods and mixes make great homemade convenience foods.

What type of mix, box, bottle or frozen food are you better of buying at the store.

How to indulge in "fancy" coffee drinks without feeling guilty (because they are homemade and cost a fraction of what you're paying at the store or coffee shop.

Learn about some great homemade convenience foods that will make buys mornings a breeze (and have everything enjoying a healthy and nutritious breakfast). 

Mixes and entire easy made dishes perfect for lunch or dinner.

Got a snacker in the house? Don't miss out on these sweet and savorty snacks.

 Plenty of Homemade Convenience Food Recipes - they cost less and you know EXACTLY what's in them.


Here's a quick peek at just a few of the over 200 recipe titles you'll find:

With over 200 recipes you are sure to find some new family favorites.

But It Doesn't Stop There...

I also have a few great bonuses for you.

Bonus #1 - Homemade Bath And Body Products

Don't spend money on bath and beauty products. Instead make your own bath salts, lotions, and even hair care products. It's easy, frugal and most importantly fun.

Bonus #2 - Homemade Cleaning Products

Skip the harsh chemicals, instead whip up a few of these tried and true homemade cleaners. You'll be amazed at how well they work.

Bonus #3 - Memory Lane Meals - Sweets

My friend Patty from Remakable Wrinklies is working on a new cookbook collection full of "old-fashioned" recipes. (You know... the good stuff). She's giving you a sneak peak by sharing her sweets section with us.

Bonus #4 - A Year Of Snacks

Never run out of fresh ideas for after-school snacks with this awesome resource by my friend Christine from Menu Planning Central.

It's time to say "Let's Get Cooking" and and start making your own convenience foods.  This sensational resource "Homemade Convenience Foods" is available to you as a downloadable pdf ebook directly accessible from the  Internet.

Don't Wait until you're ready to stock up on a bunch of mixes or buy another stack of expensive frozen meals at the grocery store. Take control by taking action right now, today!

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Susanne Myers

 If you continue to just wing dinner, you'll continue to have to rely on boxed food and frozen food items - Make dinner fun and enjoyable and most importantly relaxing again by using these simple and economical convenience foods.

P.P.S. Remember, you'll get instant access to this ebook so that you can start learning how to plan meals right away. There are no extra costs or wait time for shipping. What are you waiting for? Click here to order your copy now!

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