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Emergency Menus Have Been Updated

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

The $45 and $70 Emergency Menus have been updated with 2009 prices. I knew it was going to be quite a bit higher, but I was honestly shocked to see how much prices for the items from the $45 Emergency Menu have gone up. It is now a $70 menu – Ouch.

The main culprits in this price hike seem to be flour, rice and powdered milk. At this point, I don’t think it makes much sense to use powdered milk for financial reasons. It’s still handy for cooking and in case of a power outage, but as far as everyday drinking milk goes, I’d look for the lowest price on fresh milk by the gallon.

By comparison, the $70 emergency menu has faired much better. Prices have “only” gone up to $89.

Here’s an interesting comment from a reader (submitted via twitter -  follow me at )

@HBHW Adjusted for inflation, your $45 menu should now cost $47.13, and your $70 menu should cost $73.31. A clear indication that inflation rates do not include food prices!