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Easter Inspirational – It’s More Than Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Good morning – I am sitting here on a porch overlooking the ocean.  We decided to take a little trip to the beach with my family and whilte the house is still quiet, I thought I’d share two inspirational Easter stories with you this morning.

Enjoy and of course HAPPY EASTER!

Easter Awakening

by: Poppy, Poppy’s Poetry PageEaster Basket

Early Easter morning,
All my children ran downstairs.
Looking for their baskets,
That we hid behind the chairs.
They would tiptoe to the chair,
Then slowly take a peek.
We knew that they had found one,
When we heard their voices shriek.

When it was all over,
And their baskets had been found,
They sorted all the candy,
As the family sat around.
My youngest, who was only three,
Came over where I sat.
She held her little arms out,
Then she hopped up on my lap.

“Daddy,” she began to say,
“Love you with all my heart.”
“I have so many goodies here,
I don’t know where to start.”
“There’s chocolate bunnies, chocolate chicks.”
“There’s eggs and jelly beans,
And little candy eggs, a duck lays,
When she flaps her wings.”

“Marshmallow peeps and colored eggs,
And chocolate that is white.”
“I even have the hard boiled eggs,
We colored late last night.”
“But, I have a question Dad.”
“I heard it on TV.”
“It wasn’t in my basket,
I don’t know where it could be.”

“The man said, ‘In our basket,
There should always be a section,
Where we should keep the memories,
Of Easter’s Resurrection.’”
Then she held her basket up,
And said, “I’ve looked through these.”
“What’s the Resurrection, Daddy?”
“Would you tell me please?”

Easter Faithfulness

Easter Sunriseby: Poppy, Poppy’s Poetry Page

We lived out in the country, fifty miles from a big town.
We had a little church, for all of us who lived around.
The minister was part time and came every other week,
So when he came, we all would go to hear the preacher speak.

Once a year, on Easter, we would drive to the big town.
That was the only place a sunrise service could be found.
So once a year, on Easter, to a church in town we’d go,
My kids would make a fuss, but my sweet Mother loved it so.

She lived with us, my wife and I, two daughters and a son,
And everybody loved ol’ NaNa, she was so much fun.
She had a personality that was controlled by love.
She always said she got it from the angels up above.

So every Easter morning we would all dress in our best,
And go to sunrise service that would start before the rest.
Once a year that preacher knew that we would all be there,
Because that was the only sunrise service anywhere.

He knew my Mother loved the sunrise service that was here,
And he knew all of us, by name, and we went once a year.
He loved ol’ NaNa and he knew that she would never miss,
His sunrise service Easter morning, he had told her this.

He knew we had a country church, and minister part time.
He knew that we could not join his, and he said that was fine.
He said he thought he knew our preacher, “Godly man,” he said.
“I know he likes to travel, that’s the calling he’s been led.”

When Mother died in early March, our part time preacher came,
Out to our little country church, where we put her remains.
Our little church was crowded, NaNa’s friends for miles around,
But, we forgot to tell the preacher that was in the town.

Easter morning came that year, but we were not up to,
Going to the sunrise service, like we always do.
Then as we sat at breakfast, knowing that we didn’t go,
Deciding we should go to town and let that preacher know.

They had a later service and it started at eleven,
We really should go tell the preacher, NaNa’s now in heaven.
So we got dressed, and off we went, much later than before.
When we arrived, we saw the preacher standing by the door.

He smiled at us and shook our hands, as he began to speak,
And as he spoke, the words he said just made my knees get weak.
He said, “I knew something was wrong, you all were not together”
“The sunrise was so beautiful, we had such perfect weather.”

“But, you have made this service, that is why we have another.”
And then I started telling him, what happened to my Mother.
A puzzled look came on his face, when I said Mom had died,
A look that someone gives you, when they think that you have lied.

We just stood in silence, as my heart began to vex,
And to this day, I’m still in shock of what he told me next.
It’s something that you don’t expect, it comes without a warning.
He looked at me and said…”I saw your Mother here this morning!”