Free and Cheap Kindle Cookbooks March 2nd – Yogurt, Biscuits, Olive Oil and More

Happy Saturday! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for this weekend… been ready since Wednesday. We had a busy week full of after-school activities and lots of errands to run. Now it’s time to slow down, relax and recharge. The cold and rainy weather this weekend makes it the perfect time to snuggle up on the couch and do some reading (and knitting). With that in mind, I have a nice collection of free and cheap Kindle cookbooks for you. If you make your meal plan for the following week over the weekend, you’ll find some new inspirations for add-ons and desserts today. Enjoy!

Currently Free

(Make sure you check it before you download. Prices can change anytime)

Natural Yogurt: How to Make Homemade Yogurt

Making your own yogurt at home is a lot of fun and much more frugal than buying it at the store. The added benefit… you know exactly what’s going into your yogurt and can add jams or fruit to flavor it any way you like.

Scratch Breads: Easy Homemade Breads & Sweets

Making breads and other baked goods from scratch is one of those essential cooking skills any housewife should master. It’s not nearly has hard as you may think and comes in handy when you need a little extra to go along with a light dinner.

Green Fasting: Green Smoothie & Juicing Fasts (Incredible Beverages: Healthy Drinks for Weight Loss and Detox)

Adding green smoothies into my diet has helped me feel better and so far I’ve lost about 5 lbs. If you’re thinking of getting started, grab this free download and whip up a green juice or smoothie today.

The Truth About Olive Oil

This isn’t really a cookbook. Instead it is filled with great information about olive oil, it’s health benefits and how to use it in everyday cooking. Great informative read.

Dump Cake Recipes – Desserts So Easy Even Kids Can Make Them (Hillbilly Housewife Cookbooks)

If you didn’t get a chance to download this yesterday, go ahead and grab it. So far it’s a big hit and my favorite cookbook yet. Love the lovely reviews on Amazon… which reminds me, if you downloaded the book, would you mind leaving a short review on Amazon? Much appreciated.

For more great Kindle cookbooks, check out my Amazon Author page. Don’t have a kindle? Amazon has a variety of Kindle Apps to read these books on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Cheap Favorites

Muffin Tin Menus: 47 Fun & Delicious Recipes

My favorite part with this e-cookbook is the variety of different dishes in it. Who knew you could make so many different things in a muffin tin. I think the first thing I’ll try is the individual pancakes. You start with one batter and then add different toppings for each pancake. What a fun idea for a weekend breakfast.

Southern Biscuits

If you’re new to making biscuits or haven’t quite mastered the art of making light and flaky biscuits, this is the book for you. I enjoyed reading through the various types of biscuit recipes including some that use yogurt that I can’t wait to try for Sunday supper.

The Lemon Book – Natural Recipes and Preparations

While there aren’t a whole lot of recipes in this book, you’ll find an abundance of different uses for all parts of the lemon along with plenty of info on the benefits of using them in the first place.

Soups, Stews & Supper Stretchers – Hearty Meals for Winter Weather (Hillbilly Housewife Cookbooks)

Last but not least, here’s one of my own cookbooks. The soups and stews are perfect for these cold winter/ spring days. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, grab it for 99 cents before the price changes back up to $2.99.

Don’t have a kindle? Not a problem. You can read the books on your computer and other devices.  If you decide to buy one, I recommend this basic model. I’ve had one for quite some time and can highly recommend it.

I will do my best to share more free and cheap kindle books with you regularly as time permits. Subscribe to the blog or like the HBHW Facebook page to get updates each time I add more free reads.

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