Free Kindle Cookbooks For February 4th

Happy Monday Morning! Are you ready for another round of free Kindle cookbooks? It was slim pickings this morning, but I was able to find a few interesting ones for you.

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Don’t forget to check each book and make sure it is still free by the time you download it. Prices can change throughout the day. Don’t have a kindle? Amazon has a variety of Kindle Apps to read these books on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Quinoa Recipes: The Complete Cookbook For The Grain Free Diet

I’m a big fan of quinoa and have been since I discovered this ancient grain a few years ago. This looks like an interesting introduction to cooking with Quinoa and I’m looking forward to finding a few new recipes.

Slow Cooker Recipes For Paleo Dieters

With the Paleo diet becoming so popular, all sorts of cookbooks around it are popping up. This one caught my eye because it uses the slow cooker. Anything that makes it easier to cook your foods, will make it more likely that you stick to a new diet.

35 Cajun Recipes For Weeknights – The Cajun Food Cookbook (Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes – The Easy Weeknight Dinners Collection)

Ready for something a little different for dinner this week? How about some inspiration from New Orleans… Cajun food!

31 Gluten Free Cake and Frosting Recipes – Delicious Gluten Free Desserts (Gluten Free Cookbook – The Gluten Free Recipes Collection)

For our friends living gluten-free… 31 cake and frosting recipes. These will also come in handy when you are having someone over that’s on a gluten-free diet. I’m sure I’ll be making some of these yummy cakes over the coming years when my niece or friends with a gluten-allergy come over.

Artichoke Recipes

I like artichokes, but don’t really cook with them much. So far the most I’ve done is throw some artichoke harts from a jar on a salad or pizza. I’m looking forward to learning more about cooking this vegetable.

And here are a few other free books that I came across this morning that looked interesting:

50 Creative Ways to Say I Love You: How to say I love you and show your partner, your kids and your parents how much you care (A 50 Ways Book)

A Beginners Guide to Keeping Backyard Chickens – Breeds Guide, Chicken Tractors & Coops, Hatching & Raising Chicks Plus More… (Simple Living)

Valentine’s Day Jokes, Riddles and Quotes – A Children Picture Book (Children’s Holiday Series)

25 Winter Craft Ideas: Easy Indoor Crafts for Kids (Seasonal Craft Ideas)

Saving Your Way to a Better Life

Did you know that you don’t need a kindle device to read these books? If you decide to buy one, I recommend this basic model. I’ve had one for quite some time and can highly recommend it.

I will do my best to share more free kindle books with you regularly as time permits. Subscribe to the blog or like the HBHW Facebook page to get updates each time I add more free reads.

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