Free Kindle Books January 18th 2013

Happy Friday. DD is out of school today and we started our day just hanging out in PJs, reading and then cooking eggs and sausage for breakfast. I’m just now getting around to doing some work and thought the best way to start this long weekend would be with a few more free kindle cookbooks. Here are my picks for today. Hope you like them.

But first, I came out with a new cookbook on Kindle today. It’s all about winter soups and stews, a staple in my meal plans during the winter months. You can download it on Amazon for $2.99

Here are my Free Kindle Cookbooks for today:

Snack Time: Lite and Tasty Snack Recipes (a Scrumptious Low-Calorie Recipes Cookbook)

With kids in the house, you’re constantly fixing snacks in between meals. Often they aren’t the healthiest stuff… that’s why I was excited to find this book with plenty of recipes and inspiration for lighter, healthier snacks.

Mind-Blowing Cakes From Scratch – 30 Cake Recipes That Will Make You Look Like A Cake Pro!

I don’t know about mind-blowing, but I do love making cakes from scratch. They end up tasting so much better than something store-bought or made from a mix. These cakes look delicious.

Top 30 Amazing Vegetarian Dinner Recipes for Busy Women: Impress Your Loved One (First Vegetarian Recipes Cookbook for Busy Women)

I mentioned a few days ago that I love cooking vegetarian dishes. Meat has gotten very expensive and just by cutting it out a few days a week from our meals, we’re saving quite a bit.

BURGER WORLD – Easy and Delicious Burger Recipes

When I do buy meat it’s often ground beef. That’s where the recipes in this book will come in handy. Who doesn’t love a good burger?

Did you know that you don’t need a kindle device to read these books? If you decide to buy one, I recommend this basic model. I’ve had one for quite some time and can highly recommend it.

I will do my best to share more free kindle books with you regularly as time permits. Subscribe to the blog or like the HBHW Facebook page to get updates each time I add more free reads.

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