Clean Up Road Weary Car Interior – Tidy Tuesday

Welcome back to another installment of my summer re-run series. I know how hard it is to find the time to look around a website to find the topics that interest you. That’s why I’m bringing some of the more timely topics to the forefront again.

This post is pretty timely in my house right now! Summer road trips have left the inside of our car, well, ridiculous. I’m sure many of us are in the same situation. Snacks, toys, maps, beach towels… all those things we need for a summer drive, never seem to make it out of the car. Then there’s the sand and dirt from the beach and the lake. Yes, it’s time to give the car a bit of attention.

Here’s a simple quick tune-up for the interior of your car:

Car interiorThis week’s Tidy Tuesday is dedicated to the car interior. I don’t know about you, but our car is in dire need of some attention. Since it’s supposed to be fairly warm and sunny today, I’m about to tackle that task.

Here’s my plan of action:

  1. Take a trash bag to the car and remove any papers, wrappers and other trash.
  2. Take out anything else that doesn’t belong in the car (think lost toys, books, bags etc) and return them to their proper home.
  3. Vacuum the entire car thoroughly.
  4. Wipe down all hard surfaces with a damp cloth.
  5. Clean inside of all windows. Go over the outside as well.
  6. Spot clean any stains on the carpet or seat covers with carpet cleaner or dawn dish washing detergent.

That’s it. I better get going on this :)

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2 Responses to “Clean Up Road Weary Car Interior – Tidy Tuesday”

  1. JessA Says:

    One tip that has made a huge difference in our cars’ tidiness is that I throw out trash every single time I get gas. I put the pump on auto and do a quick grab of all the bits of trash the kids seem to leave behind. If I do it every time, it stays very clean.

  2. interior carpet for car Says:

    I also wash the carpets every 3 months when I know it will be sunny and they’ll be able to dry.

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